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JUST RELEASED: The State of Identity Governance 2024

By Stephen Lowing, VP Marketing at Omada

November 16, 2023

A new Omada study looking at the state of IGA reveals that IT and Business Leaders are very concerned about identity-related security threats.

In Q4 of 2023, Omada conducted a Survey of over 550 IT professionals and business leaders in US organizations with more than 1,000 employees. The results have been published in The State of Identity Governance 2024 report.

This report provides insight into the current identity-related security threat landscape, what organizations are doing to address these threats, and what solutions capabilities are desirable in an identity governance solution. Read further to learn about the state of IGA and key report findings.


Some highlights from the report:

  1. Despite having overwhelming levels of confidence in their organization’s security hygiene practices, the survey data shows a large majority of IT professionals and business leaders remain very concerned about the threats that identity-related security incidents pose to their organizations.

Despite having strong identity verification, the ability to detect and respond to anomalous activity, and the ability to shut down compromised accounts, many senior security leaders (over 90%) say they are still very concerned about identity-related cybersecurity threats.

  1. Almost three-quarters of respondents (72%) think people in their organizations have access to systems and applications to which they do not need access and/or have overly permissive accounts that cause unnecessary risk.

When users have excessive access to systems and applications the level of impact on identity for these users is higher than it would be if their access were effectively managed. The report reveals why so many respondents are very concerned about identity-related threats.

  1. Organizations are planning for their future IGA solution with several features that are largely nascent in the market today.

When asked about the features they consider most important when evaluating a new IGA system, more than 61% of respondents selected “adaptability to an organization’s requirements” to be among their top five.

  1. More organizations prefer a connected ecosystem of best-in-breed IAM solutions over a platform play.

Nearly 86% of modern IGA users agreed that their organizations tend to choose best-of-breed identity and access management solutions rather than a single platform offering multiple solutions.


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