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A Language Champion: Highlighting Kinga's Journey in Technology at Omada

Interview with Kinga Kostrzewa, Technical Writer

March 8, 2024

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re thrilled to spotlight one of our talented technical writers, Kinga! Kinga’s career path may not be what you’d expect, but her journey is a testament to the power of following your passions and the impact women are making in IT.

From an early age, Kinga had a passion for languages, which led her to pursue a career in education. However, after working at a private school, she determined that teaching wasn’t for her. Still wanting to do something with languages, she went on to pursue a master’s in applied linguistics. While getting her master’s degree, she worked as a translator. While this was an exciting field, she realized she wanted a job that allowed her to make more personal connections. Her brother, who was working in IT, introduced her to the world of technical writing. While the prospect of a career in IT, often stereotyped as male-dominated and heavily technical, was initially daunting, Kinga embraced the challenge.

Fueled by her love of languages and her desire to learn new things, Kinga found her niche in technical writing. This role allowed her to not only leverage her linguistic expertise but also collaborate with diverse teams, translate complex knowledge for non-technical audiences, and continuously expand her skillset.

At Omada, Kinga feels right at home. She expressed that the company culture fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration, and the presence of strong women in leadership positions is truly inspiring to her. When asked about her proudest accomplishment, Kinga recalls one of the first projects that she was able to do at Omada: leading the development of a new online documentation portal. Within six months, Kinga and her team created an intuitive, user-friendly portal that made accessing and finding documentation significantly easier for end users. This project not only challenged her but also provided her with the opportunity to learn the product in-depth, collaborate across the organization, and showcase her technical writing prowess.

Kinga is a strong advocate for women in IT, a field often perceived as lacking diversity. She emphasizes that women bring new, valuable perspectives and approaches to the table, fostering collaboration, problem-solving, and a more welcoming environment. Her advice to aspiring women in IT is simple yet powerful: “Have the courage to know your value and remember that gender doesn’t define your career path. Chase your dreams, anything is possible.”

Kinga’s story is an inspiration to us all. It’s a reminder that with passion, determination, and the right support system, anyone can thrive in a field they’re passionate about, regardless of background or traditional stereotypes. We are proud to have Kinga as part of the Omada family and celebrate her contributions to our continued success.

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