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International Women’s Day Spotlight: Ida Nowak

By Ida Nowak, Test Automation Developer

March 8, 2023

I am honored to be able to tell my story as part of Omada’s spotlight on International Women’s Day. I joined Omada about 10 months ago as a Test Developer. I live and work in Poland and get to work on lots of exciting projects every day. My first main role at Omada was to work on designing both automated and manual tests that we could run on Omada Identity Cloud on our user interface. Specifically, I spent significant time testing the new Omada GraphQL API that enables our customers to inject key IGA capabilities, like access requests, into other applications. My main priorities were to ensure that our customers had positive experiences in interacting with our products so that they could maximize their identity governance & administration (IGA) programs. Since starting as a Test Developer, I’ve also been able to work on a project to help our customers process data faster and to gather from more systems.

I feel very fortunate to be working at Omada, especially since it was my first job coming back from maternity leave. I was a bit apprehensive coming back from this wonderful time with my family, but I felt like I had a lot to re-learn once I got back to work. Omada provided me a safe space to figure things out, but also gave me room to bring fresh new ideas to the table that can be implemented across the organization. I love that I get to work on fresh things every single day and that I can engage and bring my ideas to the table, while working with people of different cultures and backgrounds to find the best possible solution at all times.

All of the women I work with at Omada are highly motivated, highly intelligent, and eager to make an impact. However, I still see studies out there that highlight some differences in confidence. It’s a few years old, but there was a Harvard Business Review article that said “Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them.” On International Women’s Day I would encourage everyone to be a little bit more confident. Not only does every person have a unique story and a unique vantage point to bring to the table, but they also bring value to the companies they work for. If any woman out there is reading this and wondering if they should apply for that job, or try a new venture, I hope they take my story as some motivation to do so. It is important to help and support each other to achieve our goals and aspirations.

A key Omada value: Constant Care

My lasting advice is to always be learning, always ask questions, and always try to seek out exciting challenges to push yourself!

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