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International Women’s Day Spotlight: Anna Nordström

By Anna Nordström, Senior Product Manager

March 8, 2023

International Women’s Day is an amazing day to reflect and think of all the talented women I am fortunate to know and work with. It also is a good opportunity to talk a little bit about my journey, how I came to be here at Omada, and what I hope for the future.

I have been working at Omada since 2012, when I started as a Technical Writer. At university I studied creative writing, and I always had a knack for being able to ‘translate’ concepts into fluid stories, something that I was able to apply in this initial role at Omada. I then moved into a new role as Pre-Sales Consultant working out of our headquarters in Copenhagen, because I wanted to be closer to our customers and still be involved in the technology. One of the aspects that I liked was to help with training and communicating in real-time with our prospective customers. I also was able to combine my interests in the writing and training side of things, but also actually the act of talking to prospects to learn about their pain points and how we could solve them brought me a little bit closer to the action, which I really enjoyed. This was a great experience to be able to work directly with customers and learn a lot about the challenges of identity management and governance.

However, I knew I wanted to get some experience in working to craft and drive the strategy of how we deliver solutions. I sought out, and was promoted to work as a Product Owner, and now as a Senior Product Manager. In these roles, I work to develop our product roadmap and gathering requirements from customers, prospects, partners, and our own research and development. No two days are the same, and I get to constantly interact with customers and team members and come up with amazing ideas that our customers can then use to maximize their resources and output with our identity governance solutions.

As an Omadian, I feel fortunate that I get to work with so many ambitious, creative, and passionate people that have strong opinions and even stronger work ethic to accomplish our goals. We really are a global organization and I love coming to work every day to work on these complicated problems with such a talented team. I think what enables me to be successful is that the Omada values particularly suit me quite well, ambition, and constant care. Everything that I do, I try to do to the best of my abilities and am always eager and willing to learn new things and improve myself.

Showing off a win at a company offsite in Narvil with my friend and colleague Daria Kilinska


The community at Omada is also incredible and I really enjoy talking to my colleagues about books, movies, music, and joining various groups here so that we can all have a fulfilling experience. Omada is such a great place to work, not just as a woman, but for anyone that is hoping to work at a place that is filled with ambitious people who work well together and help each other achieve our goals, whatever they may be. For any woman working in tech, being surrounded by smart people is hugely important and being able to stop and reflect on this on International Women’s Day is a nice time to think about how we can all improve and work towards a better future!

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