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Career at Omada: An Interview with Omada Developer, Michal Czajkowski

Andrew Silberman and Michal Czajkowski

December 1, 2022

I had the pleasure of sitting down (via Teams) with Michal Czajkowski, a Developer at Omada, based in Poland, and talking about his career at Omada. I have summarized some of our conversation into a Q&A here.


Andrew: Michal, can you tell me a little bit about your day-to-day at Omada?

Michal: Sure thing, Andrew. So, I work on the cloud management portal team where I work to improve our system that customers engage with on a daily basis to administer their cloud IGA solutions. We often start the day with a team meeting where we discuss the day ahead, as well as best practices for how to create and develop specific features that are requested from customers. I will also spend a good deal of time hands-on helping customers by talking to them about optimizing Omada Identity Cloud.


Andrew: And how did you end up starting at Omada?

Michal: Well it’s kind of funny, both my brother and his wife worked at Omada and encouraged me while I was at university to apply for an internship. So I did, and that was 2 years ago and joined for a summer student worker position. After an intensive summer, I was happy to be extended an opportunity to join full-time. For me, obviously, it is such a family atmosphere, but I’ve noticed that in my time here my coworkers and peers on my team have also become a bit like family. We support each other, help each other out when we need help, and can lean on each other’s unique experiences to create great customer outcomes.


Michal (on the right in the middle) and colleagues at a team dinner


Andrew: What is something that you have enjoyed the most during your time at Omada?

Michal: I would say that things are never boring. Each day brings a new adventure where I am tasked with new challenges or things that happen that I need to think creatively about. My manager at Omada has been incredibly supportive of my career and always urged me to not be afraid of failure and helps me through things that I may not understand at first.


Andrew: What does it mean to you to be an Omadian?

Michal: To me, being an Omadian is all about improving every day. I’m incredibly proud of my time here because I have learned to not be afraid of failure, but even more so I feel I’ve learned to not measure myself against others, but to measure myself against myself. To me, it also means helping customers solve some of their most complex problems by working with them and finding out how we can make their lives easier through the Cloud Management Portal.


Andrew: What advice would you give to someone who is interested in working at Omada?

Michal: I would say, so long as you are interested in learning new things and challenging yourself that you could be successful at Omada. The other great thing is that you will be surrounded by peers who are like you, eager to solve challenging problems, but eager to work together.

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