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IGA Skills Checklist: How to Ensure a Successful IGA Deployment

March 2020: Identity governance and administration solutions, like many other enterprise-scale IT solution deployments, requires a large variety of skills to achieve a successful implementation. 

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Eight Key Considerations to Evaluate Identity Governance Solutions in an Effective Way

July 2019: The selection process for identity governance products can be a costly, drawn-out, and ineffective exercise, if not planned and executed carefully. That is why I would like to share my thoughts and experiences in this blog post.

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Next-Gen Identity and Access Management: Ready for New Set of Wheels?

In many organizations working with the current IAM solution is like driving a 20-year-old car. To get up to speed consider a replacement to improve security, efficiency, and compliance. Here is why and how.

By Martin Kuhlmann, VP Global Presales

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Megatrends and Identity Governance and Administration

Analysis shows that technology will help prevent future issues associated with greater population density, natural resource shortages, and climate change. Without cybersecurity protection, system attacks will result in physical disruption and stealing of sensitive information.

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How Secure are the Third Parties you Deal With?

Recent reports have shown that some outsourcing companies may not be protecting shared data as well as they should be.  Organizations should be more vigilant in ensuring that their business partners have data control procedures in place that are at least as stringent as their own to protect sensitive and confidential information.

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Are You Sure Your Third-Party Access is Secure and Compliant?

In a recent American health insurance data breach, personal information from more than 566,000 individuals was exposed by a third-party business partner. 

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IGA: The New Number One Priority

Changes in business requirements such as EU GDPR compliance has shifted the priority of IGA from lower-level to top-tier.

By Morten Boel Sigurdsson‚Äč, Founder of Omada & President Omada North America

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