Analyst Report

IAM Leaders' Guide to Identity Governance and Administration

Gartner: Henrique Teixeira, Kevin Kampman, David Collinson, 5 April 2021

Please note that Gartner has archived this report. Check out other analyst reports from the Identity Governance space.


IAM Leaders’ Guide to Identity Governance and Administration

Learn how to overcome the most common Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) challenges and achieve more autonomous and predictive governance. This Gartner research presents the best practices and new capabilities—like identity analytics—security and risk management leaders should adopt.

Research Highlights

Read the full report to learn:

  • How IGA capabilities fit in a larger IAM program
  • How to choose and deploy IGA tool
  • How to use identity analytics for predictive and autonomous IGA
  • How to define a successful framework for enterprise policy and role management
  • How to choose the best strategy for fulfillment and provisioning
  • Defining KPI-driven IGA metrics

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