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Agency for Governmental IT Services (Statens IT) choose IGA solution based on Omada software

July 5, 2019

Agency for Governmental IT Services Choose ICY Security to deliver IGA Solution Based on Omada software

Omada partner ICY Security, has been selected to deliver an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution based on Omada software to the Agency for Governmental IT Services, an agency of The Ministry of Finance Group in Denmark in an open tender.

The Agency for Governmental IT Services is an agency of The Ministry of Finance Group, which provides IT services to 124 customers in 15 ministries in the Danish Government counting 23,000 users.

The Agency for Governmental IT Services is responsible for operating an effective IT support service and for ensuring a high quality and consistent IT service across the Danish government. Their main tasks include the development and harmonization of IT in the government and providing operational support.

“In a few years, we have doubled the number of users – and with the prospect of even more new users in the coming years, identity and rights management is a very important focus”, says Michael Ørnø, director of Agency for Governmental IT Services, and continues:

“The implementation will also include connection to the Agency of Modernization’s new HR system, so that we ensure a much greater degree of automation, security and streamlining of the personnel and administrative processes for all employees in the public administration.”

“We are incredibly proud and pleased to be selected as an IGA supplier to the Danish Government. The Danish Agency for Governmental IT Services has chosen a strong combination of Omada’s Identity Suite and ICY Security’s business-oriented approach to implementation of IGA processes,” says Kasper Ahrensburg, CEO and founder of ICY Security, and continues: “We look forward to get started with the implementation, and adding value to the Agency for Governmental IT Services, their customers and the citizens of Denmark.”

Since 2016, ICY Security and Omada have been working together to deliver Omada’s Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution: Omada Identity to joint customers.

“With a strong Danish presence, ICY Security has an great understanding of the local IGA market, customers can utilized in project management and business consulting with Omada”, says Omada Global VP of Channels and continues: “ICY Security has solid capabilities around the technical implementation of Omada Identity, thereby adding further value to each project they deliver – from both a product and business point of view.”

ICY Security has increased the team substantially and have now more than 16 people trained and certified in Omada Identity.


About ICY

ICY has many years of experience in IT security, which has made the all the more knowledgeable. Knowledgeable about what you need to do to succeed – but also about what you should not do. We would like to share our experience with our customers, and we are ready to help you. At ICY Security, we have a number of specialists in IT security with massive specialist knowledge and a broad range of methods and competencies. No other firm in Scandinavia has as many specialists within IAM and GRC as ICY Security.

 About Omada

Omada is a market-leading provider of IT security solutions and services for identity management and access governance. Omada enables organizations to achieve sustainable compliance, reduce risk exposure, and maximize automation. Omada’s solutions efficiently manage and control users’ access rights to applications and data – reducing IT costs and resource intensive administration processes.

Established in 2000, Omada has operations in North America and Europe, delivering solutions directly and via a network of skilled partners and system integrators. Omada is recognized as a trusted advisor and has provided advanced identity management solutions for organizations with some of the largest and most complex IT infra­structures in the world.

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