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Omada Releases Pioneering IGA Best Practice Process Framework

December 12, 2018

Omada, a market-leader in IT security solutions and services for identity management and access governance announces the release of a 90-page e-book that describes in detail the best practice processes for identity governance and administration (IGA).

To manage increasing cyber security challenges and meet legislative demands from compliance regulations like the GDPR, organizations need to implement efficient IGA processes. For instance, according to the recent Telstra Security Report (2018) 68 percent of organizations surveyed experienced business interruption due to a security breach in the past year.

One of the major challenges for most organizations is a lack of insight into best practices on how to govern digital identities and manage access rights. Developed and refined over the last 20 years working with managing user identities and governing their access, the new e-book from Omada solves this challenge.

“Our 90-page IdentityPROCESS+ e-book describes a comprehensive, best practice process framework detailing the most important processes needed to ensure a successful IGA deployment,” said Morten Boel Sigurdsson, Founder of Omada & President Omada NA. “It is the first of its kind for the IGA industry and has been developed to make IGA projects successful by giving organizations a framework that will help them easily understand and implement well proven best practice processes. The process framework is a real game changer in the industry, offering readers and users the chance to create quick but lasting business value, based on a well-proven methodology.”

“IdentityPROCESS+: The Definitive Guide to IGA Best Practice Processes”  has been created to guide organizations on how to get the most out of their IGA projects and software by educating them on how to create quick-wins and sustainable business value with a solid, proven approach that takes into account the importance of data quality, the need for proven business processes, and efficiently handling multiple stakeholders.

“It is our ambition to help organizations to add value delivering standardized projects using best practices. After 20 years in the industry, we believe we are perfectly positioned to define, establish, and publish this industry standard framework that goes hand in hand with the built-in processes and the approach supported by our OIS software platform which automates the best practice IGA processes,” said Morten Boel Sigurdsson.

A pre-release of the book has already been well received by Omada’s partner network. Integralis Director & Solutions Architect, Quinton Hughes stated that the e-book will help his business educate organizations on how to map business requirements to business processes, streamline implementations, and create a solid foundation that enables quick and easy project scoping.

“We are excited to share and use IdentityPROCESS+ with our current and future clients,” said Quinton Hughes. “Initiatives like this are why we value our partnership with Omada and have worked with them for 10 years. They listen to our requirements, understand where our challenges lie, and invest in the areas we both need to succeed and grow.”

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