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Omada Upgrades IGA Solution for Improved Security, Efficiency and Compliance

January 25, 2022

New features improve upon proven identity governance and management offering

COPENHAGEN, Denmark —January 25, 2022 — Omada A/S (“Omada”), a global leader of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), recently announced a slew of new features and functionalities designed to help customers boost security, improve business efficiency and meet compliance mandates. This sets the tone for an exciting 2022, and sees further improvements to Omada’s leading solution, which can be deployed as a Service, or on-premises.  

 Omada’s most recent product enhancements include the following highlights: 

  • Improved user interface—Search history is saved, making it easier for users to find the recent functions and tools they have used through the search bar. This helps speed navigation and improve the user experience, while also enabling more customization of the portal. The portal can also now be customized with company logos and color schemes to match the preferred look and feel. 
  • Identity analytics— The Omada Analytics Engine has been redesigned to arm customers with real-time analytics within their dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) to help assess their current state of compliance. This also introduces an additional source of Desired State data to empower customers to make informed and timely business decisions when needed so they can continuously enhance security and ensure that proper access rights are maintained. 
  • Segregation of Duties (SoD)— Customers are now able to link compensating controls to constraints, by allowing evaluators of constraint violations to easily select between a list of existing compensating controls. This helps to ensure that SoD constraints are efficiently integrated into the business processes and that no identity is assigned access rights violating constraints without proper evaluation and approval. 
  • Resilient connectivity— Customers that set up integrations between Omada Identity and SAP systems can expect imports to be sturdier and more resilient. Omada Identity and connected SAP systems will now have paging support when importing data from the SAP system to Omada, for a more successful experience. 
  • Optimization of Delta Support for SAP HCM— Integration between Omada and SAP HCM has been optimized so administrators don’t need to run batch jobs in SAP. Import time is therefore reduced by 50-75% for recurring imports, enabling a more efficient process of employee onboarding, and the ability to handle any identity lifecycle event in real-time. 
  • KPI drill downs— Within Omada Identity Cloud, organizations leverage various KPIs to track progress and performance of security, governance and risk metrics as part of their overall IGA programs. Administrators now will be able to help provide visibility into specific items that pose potential risks, and help create an up-to-date, detailed work list for teams to address. Any activities that occur outside of the purview of Omada Identity Cloud will be tracked, with details into what happened and why— providing a clear path forward to reduce risk without impacting business output.  

    Michael Garrett, CEO, Omada, said: “Rapid digital transformation has been the business objective of companies worldwide as of late, and we expect this to continue throughout 2022. Omada has been working tirelessly to optimize Omada Identity with the features and upgrades our customers need to protect their businesses and do more with identity.” 

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    Omada, a global market leader in Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), offers a full-featured, enterprise-grade, cloud native IGA solution that enables organizations to achieve compliance, reduce risk, and maximize efficiency. Founded in 2000, Omada delivers innovative identity management to complex hybrid environments based on our proven best practice process framework and deployment approach. 

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