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Omada Enters Q2 of 2022 with Upgraded IGA Solution

April 4, 2022

Omada Enters Q2 of 2022 with Upgraded IGA Solution

Enhancements to User Interface and Role Certification boost security, efficiency and compliance

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — April 4, 2022 — Omada A/S (“Omada”), a global leader of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), has introduced new features and functionalities designed to help customers boost security, improve business efficiency and meet compliance mandates. These encompass improvements to Omada’s leading solution, which can be deployed as a Service or on-premises.

The latest product enhancements include:

  • Modernization of the Omada interface: Omada has now updated the home page to match the new look of the user interface. Further, additional tags have been added to allow users to intuitively and smoothly interact with Omada for their governance tasks. Omada now offers Polish and Latin American Spanish, in addition to other languages previously available to further extend the reach of the solution.
  • Role certification surveys: Roles need to be certified regularly to ensure that they are still relevant, contain the correct permissions, and that permission owners agree that certain permissions still belong in a particular role. Omada customers can now leverage standard role certifications to recertify roles and the contents of roles, while enabling these workflows with minimal configuration and full audit.
  • Enablement of all identities with Microsoft Exchange enhancements: The latest Omada upgrades provide customers the ability to control, manage, and secure the entire identity lifecycle within Microsoft Exchange by enabling users to request, review, approve, reconcile and provision access to and for Room, Equipment, and Shared Mailboxes. Omada customers can also now effortlessly migrate to Exchange Online (full cloud) where access to mailboxes is controlled by Azure AD.
  • Improved visibility with grouped KPIs. As Omada customers introduce new KPIs and data points into their solution, they can now group them in the Omada portal by categories, including Operations, Master Data, My Data, and Risk and Compliance for optimized insights and easier access to key data.

Michael Garrett, CEO, said: “Getting the most out of an identity governance solution continues to be mission critical for all, as enterprises strive to enable all types of identities without sacrificing on security. Omada always aims to provide our customers with functionality they can efficiently and seamlessly weave into their everyday processes. We look forward to continuing to provide upgrades and features to support that mission.”

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Omada, a global market leader in Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), offers a full-featured, enterprise-grade, cloud native IGA solution that enables organizations to maximize efficiency, reduce risk, and meet compliance. requirements. Founded in 2000, Omada delivers innovative identity management to complex hybrid environments based on our leading technology, proven best practice process framework, and best-in-breed deployment approach.

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