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Omada Partners with Navaio to Improve Identity Governance in Dutch Healthcare

March 19, 2021

Omada Partners with Navaio to Improve Identity Governance in Dutch Healthcare

Omada A/S (“Omada”), a global leader of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), today announced a partnership with the Dutch Identity and Access Management consultancy firm Navaio IT Security. The partnership will bring improved identity governance to joint hospital and healthcare customers in the Netherlands.

The healthcare industry has lately become a prime target for cyber criminals due to the amount of sensitive patient data they manage. Navaio works with a number of hospitals and healthcare providers to mitigate threats and automate control frameworks for this critical sector. Together with Omada, Navaio will be able to offer these organizations improved security and identity governance. Navaio is known for their strategic expertise in Identity and Access Management and now also offer implementation services of Omada’s Identity Cloud.

The latest success in the partnership was another customer win, Oktober, a Dutch provider of geriatric care.

Albert-Jan Kuiper, business manager, Oktober, said: “Navaio will work with us to ensure that our Identity Governance and Administration solution from Omada will improve our efficiency, lower our total cost of ownership and enhance our security.”

Arno Stolwijk, partner, Navaio, said: “The healthcare industry continues to be hard-hit in terms of cybersecurity, and the risk keeps growing. Organizations like Oktober have deeply sensitive data to protect and managing identities and who has access to what plays a key role. We’re excited to share Omada’s capabilities with our Dutch customers.”

Michael Garrett, CEO, Omada, said: “Today’s distributed and often cloud-based organizations are more vulnerable to attacks than ever, with bad actors gaining network access mainly through stolen or misused credentials. This makes Identity Governance and Administration a critical aspect of the security landscape. Our partnership with Navaio will bring our combined offering to Oktober and other health care providers in the Dutch market.


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