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Omada Introduces Connectivity Community to Democratize Connectivity

May 11, 2022

Omada Introduces Connectivity Community to Democratize Connectivity

Unified platform enables customers to share connectivity packages from industry peers and further reduce custom code

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — May 11, 2022 — Omada A/S (“Omada”), a global leader of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), announced today that it has introduced the Omada Connectivity Community, a platform for like-minded customers to share connectivity packages used to integrate business applications with Omada deployments. This platform furthers Omada’s approach for universal connectivity and enables customers to connect to the broadest set of business applications and systems without the need for custom code.

The average organization has added 65 business critical applications to its enterprise in the past 24 months, research shows. With each application comes new connectivity requirements for onboarding, assigning and provisioning access. Omada makes this easier for organizations through a configurable connectivity approach that’s faster and more reliable than using code development. The Connectivity Community takes this a step further by providing a platform where users can submit their own connectivity packages and benefit from packages other users have submitted as yet another method for integrating business applications.

Within the Connectivity Community, customers can

  • Seamlessly download connectivity packages: The Connectivity Community makes it easy for Omada customers to group, search, and find relevant connectivity packages. Community members can then install with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Easily submit connectivity packages: Users fill in a simple form to submit connectivity packages directly from the Omada user interface. All packages are part of an existing Omada deployment, and this initiative creates a space for customers from different industries, sizes, and teams to share best practices with each other.

The Omada Connectivity Community is open to all customers, whether they deploy Omada in the cloud or on-premises. This initiative enables customers to be self-sufficient in how they integrate applications into their environments in a way that is secure, efficient and effective. The Omada approach supports common protocols like REST, OData, SCIM 2.0, SOAP and LDAP, as well as an SDK for applications without a common communication protocol.

Lars Bell, chief customer officer, Omada, said: “Providing our customers with the best possible experience includes giving them a variety of options to integrate their business applications. The Connectivity Community presents an exciting foot forward to provide our customers with the ability to support one another and foster a community of identity governance and administration (IGA) experts working with each other to help keep businesses efficient, secure and compliant.”

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