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Omada and Novacoast Extend Partnership into Europe

December 4, 2018

Omada, a market leader in IT security solutions and services for identity management and access governance, has deepened their partnership with US-based security intelligence experts Novacoast, with a new European agreement.

Novacoast prides itself on being an IT professional services and product development company that has been built on a foundation of engineering expertise, with a culture of creative problem solving and a fearless perspective. Their strength lies in sharing their technological experience with organizations, so they can make informed decisions that avoid costly IT mistakes.

Partners since 2017, Omada Global VP of Channels & Alliances says the European extension is an important next step in what has already proven to be a successful collaboration between the two organizations.

The announcement comes on the back of recent developments at Omada with CVC Growth Partners and GRO now new majority investors.

As one of the interviewed partners during the due diligence performed by the investors, Novacoast CEO Paul Anderson said he was excited about this new development for Omada. “Investments like this provide the necessary fuel for growing partnerships with companies like us,” he says.

“CVC and GRO will be supporting and capitalizing Omada to further accelerate its product innovation, partner network growth globally, and enhance its sales and marketing efforts,” says Omada.

“Novacoast is a key strategic partner for us globally, with a vast IGA know-how, able to successfully bring the Omada Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution to customers worldwide. Over the last 22 years, Novacoast has gone from strength to strength building up their IGA competencies, so we are proud to solidify our partnership even further, joining forces on the very similar growth journey both our organizations are on. We want to work with them and create shared value for our joint partners,” Omada says.

Already recognized as having one of the strongest SWAT-teams globally, Novacoast is launching their latest data center (SOC) in Latin America next month, bringing their global total to four.

“We are very focused on helping customers get the most value out of their solution and making sure they keep their projects moving along with seamless support.”

“With every new data center we launch, we increase our capability for delivering both excellent service and on-premises support, but it is also about having the right product to support this.”

“We have worked with a broad range of IAM vendors in the past and the reason for us choosing to work with Omada is due to their great partner management and program and solid product, based on a singular code base that has been developed in-house, as opposed to having a collection of patched-together externally-engineered solutions,” Paul Anderson, Novacoast says.

“In particular, the Omada IdentityPROCESS+ framework is one of the key reasons we like working with Omada,” Paul says. “It has been built on 20 years of Omada’s project experience, including input from partners like us. It is such a thorough, efficient and effective process to follow, making the Omada Identity a strong solution to support and sell.”

The expansion of the partnership is also part of the reason why Novacoast this month received the 2018 EMEA Partner Of The Year Award in the category “Go To Market Excellence”.

“We wanted to recognize the highly professional efforts Novacoast have put into supporting and developing our partnership in existing and new markets. The investments they have made in highly skilled people and their four SOCs mean that all global customers will receive excellent service no matter where they are, and no matter whether it is an on-premises solution, hybrid or SaaS, they can do so with confidence and ease,” says Omada.

Paul Anderson, Novacoast says that winning the award meant a lot to his team, and to the ongoing strength of their partnership with Omada. “Winning this award is recognition of the value we both place on our partnership, and how important it is for our mutual expansion plans.”

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