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Discover what Omada’s customers say about our identity and access management solutions

“Great software”

IT | Retail | Product: Omada Identity

“A great product specifically tailored to IGA, and a great team of experts behind it.”

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“Customer first approach will help you to succeed”

IT Manager | Real Estate | Product: Omada Identity

“Omada provided excellent support through all phases. It’s a company with a client-first mindset and every individual has the same dedication to support its customers.”

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“Great experience with Omada! The product is much better than the competition”

Director of Architecture | Banking | Product: Omada Identity Cloud

“Omada and their technical team have been great partners throughout a challenging implementation. They pushed very hard to get the product implemented on our timelines.”

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“We strongly recommend Omada as a partner and product”

Head of Central IT Governance | Retail | Product: Omada Identity Cloud

“Omada has very skilled employees that helped us in my company to become successful of the first release of our project.”

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“Omada is our start to a new, good IGA Process”

Consumer Goods | Product: Omada Identity

“It’s a very good product with a lot of features that we’re just working out piece by piece and incorporating into our workflows.”

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“Excellent Product, Excellent Service”

Program Manager | Retail | Product: Omada Identity Cloud

“Excellent Implementation and Onboarding Support. Easy to use, dynamic and interacts with our core systems perfectly.” 

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“We would probably choose the same product again”

Principle Cybersecurity Consultant | IT Services | Product: Omada Identity Cloud

“Omada was very accommodating during our negotiations as well as during the onboarding where we chose to buy the Accelerator Package. The Accelerator Package was a great help to get us started with the product.”

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“Omada – an amazing tool to work with”

IT Services | Product: Omada Identity Cloud

“Omada is best tool in cybersecurity platform. It helped us to give the users birthright access as well as required access. Its customizable. Its effective deployment helps to minimize downtime and maintain system stability. Support from the Omada team is excellent.”

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“Unlocking efficiency and security with Omada Identity Management”

Principle Analyst | Manufacturing | Product: Omada Identity

“Omada Identity Management transformed our organization. It bolstered security and streamlined operations. SAP integration works seamlessly.”

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“Omada – a powerful solution to bring Identity Management into end-user department”

IT Associate | Manufacturing | Product: Omada Identity

“We are using Omada since 5 years as internal identity management system. It helps a lot in having a global overview about permissions and enables the users to have an self-service to request permissions.”

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“Centralized platform for managing user authentication and privileges”

Operations Specialist | Travel and Hospitality | Product: Omada Identity

“Omada Identity is a comprehensive identity and access management solution that helps organizations in securing user identities and their access to various it resources such as applications, data and systems. Its scalability is impressive which allows us to accommodate our growing user deals and adapt to changing business needs seamlessly.”

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“Omada is an excellent choice – we would do it again”

IAM Consultant | Energy and Utilities | Product: Omada Identity

“Omada is an excellent choice to implement your IGA strategy. It covers all aspects of governance and access management.”

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“Great Tools to Centralize Requests”

Manager | Manufacturing | Product: Omada Identity

“The tool allows users to quickly request and/or approve access to systems within our enterprise.”

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“Omada SaaS is a comprehensive, complete and strong IGA SaaS solution”

IAM Solution Architect | Finance | Product: Omada Identity Cloud

“Omada is a market leader but is not a massive company. This gives you the best of both worlds: – An outstanding product that is in the top IGA vendors – The lines to the right people at Omada are small, you will not get lost in translation or bureaucracy.”

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“Great IAM solution with few limitations”

IT Service Delivery Manager | Manufacturing | Product: Omada Identity Cloud

“Great tool for IAM. User interface is great and easy to understand.”

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“Highly adaptable and scalable IAM solution”

Solution Engineer | Finance | Product: Omada Identity Cloud

Solution covers all our use cases without having to write and maintain any code.

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“Omada Identity provides strong IGA capabilities backed by excellent customer service”

Principle Technology Analyst | Manufacturing | Product: Omada Identity

“As a long-time customer, we have enjoyed a positive relationship with Omada over the years. Their account management and support resources are consistently attentive, and we consider them to be solid partners in our IGA journey. 

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“The best IGA opportunity in the industry!”

Director of Identity Management | Healthcare and Biotech | Product: Omada Identity Cloud

I have had an exceptional experience working with the Sales, Implementation, and Support teams. They come to the engagement to discover, understand, and help us win.

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“Tool-supported and workflow-based IAM end-to-end lifecycle with Omada”

Senior Professional IT Governance | Banking | Product: Omada Identity

Regulatory requirements can be met. Since the standard product includes so many modules, the implementation can be carried out quickly. Customizing is possible despite the standard.

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“Omada is powerful”

IAM Product Manager | Consumer Goods | Product: Omada Identity

Omada is very user-friendly and at the same powerful tool that has so far answered 99% of our IAM needs!

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“The pros and cons”

Director of IAM | Software | Product: Omada Identity Cloud

The solution has made a positive difference over our previous solution. The upgrades are faster and have far less issues. The onboarding was quick and within a few months we had replaced our previous solution and provided additional value to the organization.

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“Omada is a very powerful IAM tool”

IT Manager | Banking | Product: Omada Identity

Very good and friendly customer support and fast response times. Omada is a very powerful IAM-Tool that nearly covers all our needs.

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“An established success story turns into the next round”

Service Manager | Manufacturing | Product: Omada Identity

“For many years we have used the Omada Identity solution and have been very excited about the flexibility, customization and functionality. Now the move to the cloud is imminent. The focus and goal is now different than before: less customizing towards the OOTB standards.”

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“Solid, scalable and user friendly solution for all your IGA requirements”

IT Security Consultant | Banking | Product: Omada Identity

When needing help or guidance, they have been very accommodating and quick to respond.

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“Omada Identity – an ideal construction kit for the needs of the company”

Project Manager | Construction | Product: Omada Identity

“A very comprehensive product with many configuration options. Coordination with individual company needs takes time.”

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“Milestone systems needed access control, Omada was the solution”

Application & Platform Engineer | IT Services | Product: Omada Identity

“A powerful tool! That has the possibility to scale. The UI has some getting used to and the reporting is not super user friendly. But the tool is great, with easy-to-create processes that actively help the business whilst at the same time keep control and governance over the IT accesses.”

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“Best customer Identity Management app”

Senior Executive | Manufacturing | Product: Omada Identity Cloud

“Customer-side ID management is a very sensitive topic so we wanted to insure there is not only a strong backend key management but also a robust security platform that protects the customer data.”

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“Omada covers your full Identity Management lifecycle easily”

IT Commercial Manager | Insurance | Product: Omada Identity

“The system really delivers on Omada’s promises … all capabilities are there and they work – sometimes the system is very focused on being very compliant – and forces you to be it.”

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“Capable product and team that improves it constantly”

Access Risk Control Manager | Consumer Goods | Product: Omada Identity

“Omada Identity is a great product and Omada as a vendor are very supportive and capable, but most importantly they are listening to their customers and improving the product on an on-going basis.”

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“Omada Identity identifies access control seamlessly”

Senior Cyber Security Analyst | Finance | Product: Omada Identity

“Compliance with security policies is a high risk job for many companies, it is always a good idea to use software for access control and identity control to prevent breaches of business data by unauthorized users. Omada Identity is a product to increase security and business control that has secure and reliable functions…”

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“Omada-Decent Identity Governance Administration”

Business Consultant | IT Services | Product: Omada Identity

“The overall experience has been great. The ease of deployment, scalability and performance is very good. The workflow is quite simple too.”

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“Great IGA software solution for the enterprise”

Product Management | Healthcare and Biotech | Product: Omada Identity

“Helps keeping your organization secure. Removes costs and enables business with seamless workflows. Omada Identity Cloud has flexible delivery options and is very easy to integrate.

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“Benchmark on the IGA landscape”

IT Solution Architect | Manufacturing | Product: Omada Identity

“I’m working with the Omada solution since 2013. During this time I‘ve noticed the professional attitude of the employees. They have been attentive at all times. Always paying attention to our needs and solving the problems in short terms, delivering quality services and thus bringing excellent results.”

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“IdM & AM for enterprises”

IT Project Manager | Healthcare and Biotech | Product: Omada Identity

“Omada provides a holistic & sustainable product for enterprise requirements towards identity and access management. They offer fast solutions and the vast experience is very persuasive.

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“A governance solution that provides accountability”

Project Manager | Government | Gov’t/PS/ED <5,000 Employees | Product: Omada Identity

“Omada has been working very diligently with us to create a governance solution that allows us to be in control of all of the IT provisioning workflow and provide accountability to management and auditors alike.”

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“Highly customizable solution with good presets”

Identity Lifecycle Management Consultant | Manufacturing | Product: Omada Identity

“Omada Identity is very flexible in terms of adapting to the needs of a company, yet it comes with a good range of features out of the box as well.

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“Implementation was easy and user interface is intuitive”

Lead Security Analyst | Manufacturing | 1,000 to 9,999 licensed users | Product: Omada Identity

“Omada’s product is great. There are some issues with day to day operations but they can be fixed easily. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an IAM solution.

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“Best practice in IAM processes is the key for success – and that is with Omada”

Head of IAM Platform | Head of IAM Platform | Product: Omada Identity

“We have a very large installation with regards to volume and functionality. Therefore we always need more than only standard configuration and sizing. Omada is supporting us in a timely manner and is always willing to run the necessary extra mile if required. The major challenge in introducing IAM processes in an organization is experience with this and best practices, in addition to the technical platform. Omada provides both.

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“Omada Identity is the only product that meet our complex requirements”

Section Head | Gov’t/PS/ED <5,000 Employees | Product: Omada Identity

“We worked with Omada over the last 3 years to implement a unified identity and authorization management system. Our authorization rules were extremely complicated and we pushed the product into areas that had not been done. We worked closely with their support and engineering team and are very happy with the results.

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“Local engagement, implementation and adapts to public architecture”

Business Architect | Government | 1,000 to 9,999 licensed users | Product: Omada Identity

“Overall experience is good. Loading data has been a success. The service is high. The Omada Identity fits well with our strategy and future roadmap – both governance, self-service and the flexibility of the solution. As we are still in the process of implementing the solution in our architecture locally, we are glad to have chosen a vendor, whom also support, adapt to and understand the public user management…”

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“Agility of solution”

CIO | Manufacturing | 10,000 to 24,999 licensed users | Product: Omada Identity

“Product flexibility and agility in consulting services.

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“Didn’t need a developer to implement”

Security Provisioning Team Lead | Services | 10,000 to 24,999 licensed users | Product: Omada Identity

“Omada was great at listening to how we described our business practices, asking probing questions into why things were done that way and what control we had over improving the situation to better align us with best practices. They also were in tune with listening to what we weren’t vocalizing and digging to ensure they understood the process.”

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“Implementation features in the tool is easy and works great”

Program Manager Identity and Access Manager | Transportation | 1,000 to 9,999 licensed users | Product: Omada Identity

“They listen to our experience and change things in the next version.

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“Product is solid, superior auditing, but could be more innovative”

Lead Security Analyst | Consumer Goods | 10,000 to 24,999 licensed users | Product: Omada Identity

“Project management and executive engagement has been exceptional. Omada is customizable to a multitude of processes to improve access provisioning. Development team has a wide range of knowledge and expertise.

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“The product offers great flexibility”

IT Architect | Energy and Utilities | 10,000 to 24,999 licensed users | Product: Omada Identity

“Basic workflows included, but with the ability to customize to our specific business process needs.

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