The Journey to Cloud IGA

Speakers: Simon Moffatt, Identity & Cybersecurity Researcher & Advisor, Founder of The Cyber Hut, Paul Walker, Field Strategist, Omada and Niels Fenger, Advisory Practice Director, Omada

On-demand Webinar

Identity Governance and Administration is now entering a new age – where the IGA problem statement has evolved, the opportunity to innovate and improve productivity are all around, yet many organizations are struggling with fragile and static on-premises IGA technologies built for yesterday’s problems.

Navigating to a cloud-centric IGA-as-a-service model can be complex, yet the business productivity and security benefits can be large. In this webinar we will discuss the limitations and challenges many organizations now face with respect to understanding “who has access to what” across their varied application estate and how the opportunities provided by a cloud-based model can reduce risk, improve compliance automation and improve security.

The webinar covers:

  • The IGA backstory – where we were and where we are
  • Volume and Variety of applications increasing
  • Cloud complexity – definitions and integration challenges
  • Cloud IGA requirements – an opportunity to innovate
  • How to get there

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