Meet The Expert:
ServiceNow Integration Options

Speaker: Martin Kuhlmann, VP Global Presales, Omada

On-demand Webinar

ServiceNow Integration Options for Omada Identity and Omada’s Graph API

Watch this insightful webinar where our expert, Martin Kuhlmann, VP Global Presales, delves into the realm of ServiceNow integration options, offering a comprehensive overview of three key options: target systems, relayed provisioning, and the ServiceNow App. Through live demos, you gain practical insights into each option, witnessing firsthand their functionalities and benefits in real-world scenarios. Furthermore, the webinar sheds light on the Omada Identity Graph API, showcasing its pivotal role in facilitating seamless integration processes.

In this Meet The Expert session led by our expert, Martin Kuhlmann, VP of Global Presales at Omada, you will get:

  1. An overview of ServiceNow integration options (target system, relayed provisioning, ServiceNow App)
  2. A demo of each option
  3. An overview of the Omada Identity Graph API

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Meet The Expert is an exclusive webinar series of Identity and Access Governance-related best practices hosted by Omada experts.  

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