Meet The Expert:
Risk Management

Speaker: Martin Kuhlmann, VP Global Presales, Omada

On-demand Webinar

Risk Management with Omada Identity: How to Give an Unloved Topic a Boost!

Many people tend to avoid thinking about “risk” – it produces an uncomfortable sentiment, and they might feel that it distracts them from focusing on chances and business opportunities. However, a clear view on the operational risks of an organization and the necessary mitigation activities is key to running a business safely and successfully. It’s therefore an important topic, especially in regulated industries. The Identity & Access Governance features of Omada Identity contribute to understanding and measuring risks, as well as removing and avoiding security exposures.

In this Meet The Expert session led by our expert, Martin Kuhlmann, VP of Global Presales at Omada, you will:

  1. Get an overview of the risk management aspects that are covered by Omada Identity.
  2. See how features such as Control Policies, Dashboards, Risk Scoring and Intelligent Decision Support for Access Requests can be used to detect, prevent and mitigate risks.

About Meet The Expert

Meet The Expert is an exclusive webinar series of Identity and Access Governance-related best practices hosted by Omada experts.  

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