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Omada Identity Cloud October Update

October 5, 2023

We are excited to announce Omada Identity Cloud October 2023, our release that went live on Wednesday, October 4th. This release includes an extension of the Omada GraphQL API for managing access approvals, a new connectivity package for SAP HANA database, and several user interface enhancements. Let’s dive into the highlights of this release and explore how the new features can improve how you use the Omada Identity Cloud.


Highlights from this release include:

  1. Resource Search and Filtering for Access Requests

In organizations with many resources and applications, finding the right resource to request access to can be challenging. With this latest release, we’ve introduced new filtering options in the access request form. Users can now filter based on system/application and resource type, streamlining the access request process, reducing time spent searching. This enhancement not only boosts user productivity but also ensures that access requests are more accurate and aligned with organizational needs.

Omada Identity Cloud product screenshot - Resource Search and Filtering for Access RequestsNew option to filter based on resource or system/application


  1. New Toggling Sorting Option

In this latest release, we’ve introduced a new toggling of sorting options on the access request search page. End users now have the flexibility to toggle between alphabetical and popularity sorting. This user-centric approach ensures that access management remains intuitive and user-friendly, enhancing user satisfaction and efficiency.

Omada Identity Cloud product screenshot - New Toggling Sorting OptionUsers now have the option to toggle between showing popular or assigned resources first. Toggling “Show popular resources first” off will display resources in alphabetical order.


  1. SAP HANA Database Connectivity Package

SAP HANA is a cornerstone for many organizations, and efficient management of access to this database is vital. We have introduced a new connectivity package for SAP HANA Database, empowering you to efficiently manage access to this database. This connectivity package offers comprehensive capabilities, including user creation, reading, updating, and deletion, along with the ability to read database roles and manage role assignments. This feature streamlines the management of users and their roles, reinforcing governance and administrative processes. It ensures that access to SAP HANA databases adheres to security policies and regulatory compliance, all while simplifying the tasks for administrators.


  1. Extended GraphQL API for Access Approvals

At Omada, we understand the need to be able to create custom configurations and workflows. In this release, we have extended the Omada GraphQL API to include endpoints for managing access approvals. This extension allows you to integrate with Omada Identity’s approval process, enabling you to create your own UI for approval workflows. This means that your organization can align approval processes with your unique business needs, internal compliance requirements, and workflows seamlessly.

Omada Identity Cloud product screenshot - Extended GraphQL API for Access ApprovalsExample of GraphQL API approval call

With an extended GraphQL API, a new connectivity package, and UI enhancements, this release empowers organizations to customize their workflows, streamline processes, and elevate user satisfaction. We invite you to explore these features and see how they can strengthen your IGA program.

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