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Omada Identity Cloud: May 2024 Release Delivers Powerful Enhancements

May 29, 2024

We’re excited to announce the release of the May 2024 release for Omada Identity Cloud. This update brings a wave of powerful features designed to streamline your IGA workflows, boost security, and improve the overall user experience.


Deeper Insights with the New Identity Analytics Certification Campaign Dashboard

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your certification campaigns with the all-new interactive dashboard. This data-driven tool provides valuable insights into key metrics, including team response times and compliance with industry standards. This dashboard empowers IGA teams to identify areas for improvement and streamline workflows, ensuring certifications are completed efficiently, effectively, and in accordance with best practices.

With the new certification dashboard, IGA teams can easily understand key metrics around campaigns.


Effortless Knowledge Retrieval with the AI-powered Chatbot

Finding the information you need within Omada’s extensive documentation has never been easier. Our May 2024 release introduces a game-changing AI-powered chatbot that integrates directly with our documentation page. This intelligent assistant acts as your personal knowledge base. Ask your question and receive immediate answers, summaries of relevant articles for deeper understanding, and even guidance to the most helpful resources. Our chatbot streamlines the knowledge retrieval process, saving you time and ensuring you have the information you need at your fingertips.

The new AI chatbot can be found on the documentation homepage, empowering you to quickly find the information you need.


The chatbot is a powerful tool able to answer questions, summarize documentation, and link to related documentation.


Manage Access Requests Directly in ServiceNow


We’re thrilled to announce a significant update to the Omada ServiceNow application. This release introduces the all-new My Omada Approvals widget, designed to streamline access request management and boost overall efficiency. With this widget, approvers can now manage requests directly within ServiceNow, keeping them within the familiar interface they already know. This empowers them to manage requests directly within ServiceNow, including approving, rejecting, and adding comments – all with full access to request details.

The My Omada Approvals widget placement is entirely configurable, allowing you to personalize your ServiceNow experience and ensure My Omada Approvals integrates perfectly with your established workflows. This update delivers a win-win for everyone involved, improving user experience for approvers and accelerating access provisioning through a streamlined approval process.

Take control of access requests from within ServiceNow. This powerful widget enables you to approve, reject, or view additional details for each request.


Make informed approvals. The My Omada Approval details pane empowers you with comprehensive request information. Review history, justification, and more before making a confident approval decision.


Empower informed decision-making and minimize security risks with the addition of policy and risk checks directly on the access request page. Requesters will be alerted if their request conflicts with existing policies or poses a potential security threat, allowing them to adjust their request or seek alternative permissions. This proactive approach ensures access aligns with security best practices.

Policy and risk checks alert requestors to potential violations and conflicts of interest before submitting a request, minimizing organizational risk.


Simplified On-Premises Integration with Generic SSH Connectivity

Streamline user data management across your on-premises infrastructure with our new Generic SSH Connectivity package. Effortlessly manage user access to critical resources like home folders and file shares. This newfound efficiency translates to faster provisioning, simplified administration, and better control over your on-premises data.


Streamlined Access Management for SAP Concur

Our new SAP Concur connector goes beyond seamless integration. This powerful connector centralizes access management for your SAP Concur environment within Omada, while also enforcing critical Separation of Duties (SoD) policies. By preventing users from approving their own expenses, the connector upholds strong internal controls and significantly strengthens your organization’s security posture.


Improved Access Request Basket with Grid View

We’ve revamped the access request basket with a user-friendly grid view. This update provides a clear overview of all selected items, simplifying navigation and enabling efficient management of access requests directly within the grid.

The new grid view helps requesters quickly and easily understand what they’re requesting access to before submitting a request.


Enhanced Details for Access Approvals

For streamlined decision-making, access approvers now have access to more detailed information about each request. This allows for a more informed review process, ensuring appropriate access is granted while maintaining robust security protocols.

Approvers are empowered to make data-driven decisions by being able to see additional details in access requests.


The May 2024 release of Omada Identity Cloud empowers you to achieve greater control, optimize workflows, and enhance the security posture of your organization. We encourage you to explore these exciting new features and experience the power of Omada Identity Cloud.


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