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Omada Identity Cloud March Update

March 9, 2023

Omada, a global leader in intelligent identity governance and administration (IGA), today has introduced the latest enhancements to Omada Identity Cloud, our full-featured IGA as a Service solution. This upgrade introduces a variety of new capabilities aimed at making the solution more flexible, faster, easier to navigate, and more accessible. This release, as all Omada updates do, is built with the aim of helping customers optimize business efficiency and agility, improve security, and meet compliance mandates.


Highlights of this release include:

Generic PowerShell Connector

Many organizations leverage PowerShell to automate management of various internal systems, and within CI/CD environments to build, test, and integrate different applications. With this latest release, Omada Identity Cloud customers can upload PowerShell scripts through the Omada Cloud Management Portal to provision access to identities for systems where there is not an out of the box connector available. This is hugely important for customers who leverage PowerShell in a variety of ways, particularly for creating quick scripts to enable the workforce with proper access and can dramatically speed up the clip at which administrators can provide necessary access.

Recalculate Failed Identities

Within the Omada Role and Policy Engine (RoPE) is a constant whirring of calculations to answer the question of ‘does each identity have the correct access, as relates to the current state versus desired state?’ Think of orphan accounts, that do not have any affiliation with an identity. Omada can create an ‘unresolved’ identity that can be a temporary, all-encompassing owner for all orphan accounts. For organizations that have a lot of orphan accounts, it can take quite some time to process and assign owners to each individual account. With this latest release, administrators can sort to calculate only failed identities or accounts so that they can be tackled first, and helps customers prioritize the most pressing issues.

Omada Identity Cloud March Update-Product Screenshot-Calculated IdentitiesUser Interface Improvements

This release also brings several new features to help modernize the experience of the Omada platform, both in terms of configurability and accessibility. First, business users can adapt the home page according to their needs, to include up to three shortcuts of the most used workflows.

Omada Identity Cloud March Update-Product Screenshot-Improved UIIn addition to these icon-driven workflows, for visually impaired users, we have dramatically improved the home page’s accessibility by adding a language tag to the page HTML header. This will allow screen readers to select the correct language for reading the page and provide an overall smoother experience for visually impaired users of Omada.

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