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Omada Identity Cloud March 2024 Release

March 14, 2024

We’re excited to announce our latest release, Omada Identity Cloud March 2024.

This release introduces new features designed to simplify access management, enhance user experience, and improve overall platform performance.


Peer Access Analysis Enhancements in Access Approval

In this release, Access Approval undergoes substantial enhancements with the addition of detailed descriptions to peer access analysis. Managers and resource/system owners now gain invaluable insights into potential risks associated with access requests, enabling more informed decision-making processes. By providing comprehensive information on access permissions and potential implications, organizations can strengthen their security posture and mitigate the risk of inappropriate access.

Omada Identity Cloud March 2024 Release - Peer Analysis

With this release, users drill down into access approvals to surface potential risks associated with the request.


New UI for Queries and Mappings

Our latest update to our generic REST Connector delivers a significant improvement for users working with REST-based integrations. The new Queries and Mappings pane with tabs addresses a key challenge – managing numerous connection settings. By providing a clear and organized workspace with dedicated tabs for queries and mappings, organizations can have an improved overview of their entire integration. This improved visibility translates to faster and more efficient implementation, empowering customers to streamline their workflow and focus on strategic business application initiatives.

Omada Identity Cloud March 2024 Release - Queries Mapping

With this release, administrators can more easily implement REST-based systems with our new Queries and Mappings pane.


Never Expires Dates

Dates set to the year 9999 are now intelligently displayed as “Never Expires” on the Access page, offering end users a clearer understanding of access privileges. This enhancement simplifies the interpretation of expiration dates, eliminating confusion and ensuring users are aware of the indefinite nature of certain permissions. By improving transparency and clarity, organizations can enhance user experience and reduce the likelihood of access-related issues.


New Connectivity Packages

The addition of connectivity packages for Lucid, Egencia, and Fuse (provisioning) expands integration options, enabling customers to effortlessly connect critical applications to their Omada Identity Cloud platform. These new packages streamline the integration process, saving time and resources while enhancing overall system functionality. By offering seamless connectivity with popular applications, organizations can maximize the value of their identity governance solution and adapt to evolving business needs more efficiently.


Configurable Pagination

Our Generic REST/SCIM/OData collector now provides individual query-level control over pagination, empowering customers to tailor connections to specific API requirements. This configurable pagination feature enhances flexibility and performance, allowing organizations to optimize data retrieval processes and improve overall system efficiency. By customizing pagination settings, customers can achieve better integration outcomes and ensure compatibility with diverse API structures.


Nested Arrays

The support for nested arrays in the REST connector, particularly beneficial for complex data structures like those found in SAP Concur, enhances integration capabilities and widens the scope of use cases. This update enables seamless integration of intricate data structures, facilitating smoother data exchange between systems and improving overall workflow efficiency. By accommodating nested arrays, organizations can leverage the full potential of their identity governance solution and effectively manage diverse data sources.


The March release of our Identity Governance product brings significant enhancements across various aspects. From the refined user experience for queries and mappings to the detailed insights provided by the Peer Access Analysis, every update aims to streamline processes, enhance security, and improve overall efficiency. The introduction of the “Never Expires” enhancement offers clarity to end-users, while the addition of new connectivity packages and configurable pagination options expands integration capabilities, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimized performance. With support for nested arrays, our product now accommodates complex data structures, enabling organizations to manage diverse data sources more effectively. Together, these updates represent our commitment to delivering a comprehensive identity governance solution that meets the evolving needs of our customers while maximizing security and compliance efforts.

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