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Omada Identity Cloud July 2024 Release

July 11, 2024

We’re excited to announce the July 2024 release of Omada Identity Cloud. This latest update is packed with features designed to streamline role management, simplify access workflows, and expand connectivity.


Introducing Role Analysis

We’re introducing the first iteration of automated role mining in this release. This machine learning (ML) tool automates role analysis, empowering you to quickly identify roles, reduce certification burdens, and identify opportunities to streamline complex role structures. Stay tuned as we roll out even more advanced capabilities in future releases!


Save Time and Gain Insights with Saved Filters in Omada Identity Analytics

Boost your self-service analysis and collaboration with saved filters in Omada Identity Analytics. This release introduces the option for users to save and share user-configured filters as dedicated dashboards. This advanced functionality grants teams faster access to specific identity & access data, enabling them to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions with ease.


Users can now save and share filters in Omada Identity Analytics, making it even easier to analyze identity data within their environment. 


Simplified Access Request & Approval

Managing access requests just got easier! This release streamlines the entire process, from requesting and approving to extending access. We’ve introduced user-friendly labels that explain violations and provisioning information to requestors, alerting them to potential risks before submitting a request. The new task counter displayed in the approval process enables approvers to quickly identify outstanding tasks, helping ensure that requests are promptly processed. This release also introduces the option for administrators to either hide or make the “reason” field optional for the extended access process. This flexibility allows administrators to customize this process based on their specific needs.


Easy-to-understand labels highlight potential issues and provisioning info, so requestors can make informed decisions. 


Administrators can now customize the process by hiding the “reason” field or making it optional, depending on their specific requirements. 


Enhanced Connectivity for Improved Security and Efficiency

Unlocking new levels of efficiency and security, we’ve expanded our connectivity options. The addition of our DocuSign connector empowers you to manage access to DocuSign. Managing file share access is easier than ever with our new FileShares connector. Furthermore, enhanced support for SSL certificates bolsters data security for collectors and connectors, giving you complete control and peace of mind during data transfers.


This release introduces enhanced support for SSL certificates and two new connectivity packages: DocuSign and FileShares.  


A Smoother User Experience with UI Improvements

This update delivers a range of UI enhancements designed to make your experience even smoother. Gain instant compliance insights with system-specific charts in the enhanced Omada Compliance Workbench. Each chart visualizes assigned resources, identities, and their corresponding compliance status, enabling administrators to quickly understand the compliance status of a system. We’ve also improved form readability with reduced spacing and the introduction of form field expressions. These expressions allow for dynamic configuration, offering a powerful option to filter reference property lists without the need for custom coding.


Drill down into compliance details with ease! The enhanced Omada Compliance Workbench leverages system-specific charts to display assigned resources, identities, and compliance.


The July 2024 release streamlines identity management, helping you reach your security goals with greater ease and efficiency. Ready to streamline workflows and fortify security? Explore these exciting new features and discover the power of Omada Identity Cloud!

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