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Omada Identity Cloud January 2024 Release

February 5, 2024

We’re excited to announce our latest release, Omada Identity Cloud January 2024. This release is packed with features designed to empower your organization to securely manage access, optimize workflows, and maintain compliance – all while saving precious time and resources.


Highlights from this release

  1. Security First: Policy Checks at Every Turn

Details matter, especially when it comes to who gets access to sensitive data. That’s why we’ve integrated policy and risk checks directly into our single-page approval workflow. This powerful feature leverages Separation of Duties (SoD) policies, peer access analysis, and SAP GRC to catch potential risks before they become reality. When risks are detected, a banner is displayed at the top of the page, giving approvers the information they need to make informed decisions.

We’ve also extended these policy and risk checks to the Omada GraphQL API. Now, you can seamlessly integrate Omada’s robust IGA capabilities with your preferred third-party tools for custom workflows that still prioritize security and compliance.

When Omada Identity Cloud identifies a potential risk, a banner is displayed at the top of the access approvals screen. Approvers can click “See More” next to the requester to see which policy the approval would violate.

After clicking “See More” the approver can see the policies the request violates.

  1. Governance Simplified: Onboard Omada Identity Cloud

Governing and proving compliance for your IGA system can be difficult, but this update simplifies that process. You can now onboard Omada Identity Cloud to your Omada instance; no custom integrations are needed. This feature allows you to achieve governance, automate access to Omada Identity Cloud, and reduce risk by providing you with full visibility of privileged access to Omada. This streamlined approach elevates your entire identity lifecycle management (ILM) process, offering granular control over Omada groups and user assignments through policies.

Requestors can now easily search for and request access to Omada resources.

Onboarding Omada Identity Cloud gives you complete oversight of the system.

  1. Approvals Made Easy: Task Cards and Single-Page Workflow

Managing access requests can be a time-consuming process, leading to requestors waiting on approvers to get the access they need to do their jobs. To optimize the approval process, we’ve introduced Approval Task Cards in the to-do list. Now, approvers will see pending approval requests on their Omada Identity home page. No more digging through emails or chasing down notifications – you’ll see everything you need to make timely decisions, right where you need it.

We’ve also made switching to our new single-page approval workflow simpler than ever. Just flip the setting to true, and you’ll enjoy a streamlined approvals experience with all requests on one convenient page, plus the bonus of task cards for approvers. This intuitive interface saves time, reduces clutter, and keeps the approval process moving smoothly.

Approvers will now see approval task cards on their home page, ensuring that approvals are handled swiftly.

The January Omada Identity Cloud release is about simplifying ILM, strengthening compliance, and boosting productivity. We invite you to try these new features and discover how Omada can help better secure your organization and empower your workforce.

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