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Omada Identity Cloud April 2024 Release

April 22, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce the April 2024 release of Omada Identity Cloud! This update brings a wealth of new features designed to empower your organization with robust compliance capabilities, streamlined workflows, and an enhanced user experience.


Unveiling Omada Identity Analytics

This release introduces a groundbreaking new feature: Omada Identity Analytics. The first milestone of this platform includes a dynamic audit trail dashboard designed to streamline compliance reporting, significantly improve efficiency, and minimize access risks. The platform’s comprehensive reporting capabilities allow you to effortlessly demonstrate compliance to both internal and external auditors. With clear and insightful data visualizations, you can gain a deeper understanding of user activity and identify potential access concerns before they escalate. This is just the first phase of the Omada Identity Analytics Platform. Throughout 2024, we’ll be continually adding even more insightful dashboards, further empowering you to harness the power of identity data. Stay tuned for exciting developments!

OIC - Identity Analytics Dashboard

Omada Identity Analytics’ audit trail dashboard simplifies compliance with robust reporting for effortless auditor satisfaction.


Omada Compliance Workbench: Enhanced for Effortless Compliance

The Omada Compliance Workbench receives a significant upgrade in this release. We’ve introduced a new “system health” column, providing a clear picture of each system or application’s compliance posture. Additionally, a pre-filtered details pane streamlines the review process, while a visual system overview offers a comprehensive view of your overall compliance status. These enhancements empower your team to navigate compliance efforts with greater ease and efficiency.

OIC - Compliance Workbench Overview

The Omada Compliance Workbench has a new look and feel with this release. Now, the workbench includes a compliance overview pane at the top to quickly understand your compliance status.


OIC - Compliance Workbench System List

We’ve introduced a system health bar for each onboarded application and system.


Simplified User Provisioning with the Enhanced Entra ID Connector

This release introduces a new Microsoft Entra ID connector to replace our Microsoft Azure AD connector. Designed to streamline user access management and elevate security, his connector includes pre-configured mappings for both SharePoint Online and Teams. This eliminates the need for manual configuration, allowing you to provision users with the access they need to these critical collaboration tools quickly and easily. By streamlining the provisioning process, you can empower your users and improve overall IT efficiency.


Boost Productivity with In-View Actions

Omada Identity Cloud now empowers you to perform essential tasks directly from the views you’re already working in. With our new Form and List Actions feature, you can assign classification tags, request access, reset passwords, and recalculate identities – all without switching screens. This feature is available for selected views, including the identity view. This streamlined approach eliminates unnecessary context switching and empowers you to be more productive and efficient in your daily tasks.

OIC - Request access from the identity view

With this release, you can now take actions like requesting access or resetting passwords from the identity view.


OIC - List and Form Actions

Actions can also be taken when viewing individual identities.


Enhanced Visibility for Access Request Tracking

Gaining real-time insights into your access request process is now easier than ever. Access requests within Omada Identity Cloud now display both provisioning and violation status. This allows users to easily track the progress of their requests, reducing their reliance on support for status updates. This improved visibility fosters a more transparent and efficient access request experience.

OIC - Access Requests with Provisioning and Violation Statuses

Violation and provisioning statuses are now displayed when viewing access requests.


The April 2024 release of Omada Identity Cloud represents a significant leap forward in identity governance. With the introduction of the Omada Identity Analytics Platform, streamlined workflows through the Entra ID Connector and Form and List Actions, and improved visibility for both access requests and approvals, Omada empowers your organization to achieve a new level of efficiency, security, and compliance.

We are committed to continuous innovation, and this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for even more exciting features and functionalities coming to Omada Identity Cloud throughout 2024!

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