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The Next Generation of Omada Identity Cloud

January 31, 2024

Harness the Power of Real Time Identity Governance with the Next Generation of Omada Identity Cloud


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations face the constant challenge of ensuring secure and compliant access to critical resources while maintaining operational efficiency. Omada is revolutionizing the way organizations manage user access with the introduction of the next generation of Omada Identity Cloud: Horizons. This release will provide organizations with real time identity governance, introducing a suite of innovative features that will redefine the landscape of IGA.

These enhancements are especially relevant as the market is demanding IGA solutions that can handle the increased complexity of identity access within highly complex enterprise environments. To address this, solutions need to optimize the balance between security and usability all while ensuring compliance with evolving regulations, and that places extreme demands on identity governance.

This next generation of Omada Identity Cloud represents a transformative leap forward in identity governance, delivering unprecedented speed, intelligence, connectivity, and efficiency.


Speed: Unleashing the Power of Real time Identity Data Ingestion

Built on a modern, microservices architecture, the next generation of Omada Identity Cloud will deliver unparalleled data ingestion speeds, processing identity updates in minutes rather than hours or days. This revolutionary capability will empower organizations to react swiftly to changing business needs, enabling faster onboarding of new employees, applications, and access. By utilizing real time data ingestion, Omada Identity Cloud will also bolster security by surfacing security risks at the moment, allowing organizations to promptly mitigate such risks. With this release, requests for access or onboarding new employees no longer need to be planned ahead of time and can instead happen the same day that access is required. This speed for onboarding also works in reverse and can help address security risks by off-boarding or de-provisioning a user very rapidly, reducing impact and risk from compromised accounts or users leaving an organization.


Intelligence: Unveiling Critical Insights with AI-powered Role Modeling and Recommendations

In the next generation of Omada Identity Cloud, our full-featured IGA SaaS solution will harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver intelligent insights that will guide informed decision-making across the identity lifecycle. AI-powered role modeling and recommendations will provide actionable insights. In addition, new chat-guided capabilities will enable the next-generation release to assist users to quickly request access, while AI-driven recommendations will accelerate approvals, reducing certification fatigue and simplifying the compliance process. This enhanced intelligence eliminates unnecessary complexity, fosters informed decision-making across the entire identity lifecycle, and streamlines access management processes while reducing risk.  


Connectivity: Flexible Connectivity Across Identity Fabric

The next generation of Omada Identity Cloud will empower you to unify and centralize the management of application and system identities across your entire identity fabric. With our extensive range of pre-built connectors and customizable connectivity templates, you can seamlessly integrate applications and systems without writing any code. With this release, customers can centralize their identity management processes and ensure end-to-end identity governance across the application estate and the larger ecosystem of identity and security solutions. This connectivity enables consistent policy and access management across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud deployments.


Efficiency: Streamlining Workflows with Optimized User Experiences

The upcoming release of Omada Identity Cloud will also enhance user experiences across the identity lifecycle, simplifying workflows and eliminating redundancies. These enhanced functionalities will reduce administrative burdens and improve overall efficiency. In addition, Users leverage an optimized workflow experience that provides compliance-specific reporting out-of-the-box and activates workflows within many of the tools they use today, for example, ITSM tools like ServiceNow, eliminating the need to re-learn what they already know.


Embrace the Future of Identity Governance with Omada Identity Cloud

By harnessing the power of real time data ingestion, AI-powered insights, flexible application connectivity across the identity fabric, and streamlined user experiences, Omada empowers organizations to secure their digital assets, enhance compliance, and drive business agility.

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