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Is your legacy IAM solution reaching end-of-life?

Migrate from Your Legacy IAM Solution to Enterprise-Grade Identity Governance

Enterprise-Grade Identity Governance

Modern digitized enterprises rely on a host of applications and systems both installed on-premises and in the cloud, some of which are centrally controlled and some that are controlled by individual departments and groups. Providing a unified approach to IGA requires solutions and platforms that can span such a heterogeneous environment, understand the context, and enable automated control and governance.

Omada Identity provides an enterprise-grade IGA solution that delivers the critical functionality that modern enterprises need to stay ahead of developments.

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Oracle Identity Management 11g End-of-Life

As Oracle Identity Management 11g will shortly reach end-of-life you need to make a decision about your future identity governance and administration (IGA) strategy. The upcoming version 12g means a major migration where you are faced with recoding application connectors and redeveloping customizations — looking at continued high costs for maintenance and complex upgrades.

An alternative to your legacy solution is to invest in a reliable identity, governance, and administration (IGA) solution that can be adapted to your existing IT environment. Omada Identity provides a next generation solution that includes built-in IGA best practice processes and a proven implementation approach supported by an enterprise-grade IGA platform that can be adapted to your unique environment.

Omada’s award-winning Omada Identity software is available as a cloud-based solution or software option with full feature parity.

Read the Omada Solution Brief:

  • How Omada’s built-in best practice IGA processes give you a jump start on implementation
  • How you can easily shift from on-premises to SaaS – with the same features and functionality
  • How you can quickly connect all your applications and cloud services without customization and hardcoding
  • How you can easily manage complex business scenarios like matrix organizations and multiple job functions

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