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Future-Proof Your Identity Management

Migrating from SAP IDM to Omada Identity Cloud

Is your organization facing the looming deadline of SAP IDM’s end-of-life?

Don’t let outdated, end-of-life technology hold you back. Omada Identity Cloud offers a smooth migration path and a future-proof identity management solution. From a scalable cloud platform to robust compliance features, effortless integration, and enhanced security with SoD enforcement, Omada Identity Cloud unlocks a powerful and efficient IGA experience.


Download our comprehensive brief today and discover:

  1. Why Omada Identity Cloud is the superior choice for migrating from SAP IDM
  2. The critical limitations of alternative IGA solutions
  3. The key features that deliver a powerful and secure IGA experience
  4. How Omada empowers you to connect and leverage your existing SAP applications investment

Don’t wait – secure your identity management future with Omada Identity Cloud.


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