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CyberArk and Omada Enhance Identity Security

CyberArk and Omada Extend Strong Identity Security and Governance to All Identities

Managing identities, particularly ones that contain elevated privileges, is one of the most critical initiatives for any organization’s cybersecurity posture. With increasingly heterogenous corporate infrastructures and environments, many businesses look to niche solutions to solve these evolving problems, which often results in disparate data that is challenging to collate and digest. Without a unified platform, and bidirectional data flow, it can lead organizations to unintentional weak links in the attack chain, be unprepared to meet the increasingly rigorous demands of audit and compliance mandates and lose valuable productivity from business and IT users alike.

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) are important programs that organizations of all shapes and sizes should undertake if they want to maintain a strong security and compliance posture. Together, CyberArk and Omada have partnered to deliver an enhanced Identity Security solution for strong identity governance, administration and access management. This joint solution unifies authentication, identity and access governance and privileged access management controls, giving organizations the power to centrally manage and govern all types of identities — including privileged users and their entitlements. Together, CyberArk and Omada position organizations to ensure enforcement of strong access policies and regulatory compliance, while enabling all identities.

In this Product Brief, you will learn about how CyberArk and Omada help organizations gain complete visibility and control of identities and access across the organization for privileged and workforce users. Together, Omada’s IGA offerings and the CyberArk Identity Security Platform help organizations:

  • Institute modern Single Sign-On and Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Manage privileged employees and third-party vendors with self-service and delegated workflows
  • Monitor entitlement reviews and reporting with aggregated data and configurable reporting
  • Define privileged user access policies to automatically grant access to privileged accounts based on roles, rules, and policies
  • Manage entitlements for contractors with just-in-time provisioning
  • Control and govern identities and access rights holistically


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