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The Municipality of Vesthimmerland Chooses Omada to Ensure Compliant Identity Management and Access Governance

The municipality of Vesthimmerland manages around 200 different systems in manual and time consuming processes. Consequently, they searched the market for a solution to automate the processes, safeguard privacy data, and document compliance. They decided to go with Omada’s recognized solution for Identity Management and Access Governance, IAM.

Effective IAM is core to comply with EU GDPR

After the municipal merger in 2007, the municipal of Vesthimmerland manages more than 2200 users in over 200 different systems. The need to automate and align Identity Management and Access Governance is urgent in order to meet stringent compliance requirements. As Project Manager in the municipal, Lotte Pape Topholt is looking for a solution to meet both existing and future requirements. She tells: “Today compliance is already resource demanding. Adding EU GDPR requirements we are facing a situation where we lack resources to manage identities. Omada’s solution will help us ensure and document that we are able to manage identities and safeguard privacy data. We will be able to automate manual processes in accordance with our policies. Moreover, the solution is compatible with our systems in general”.

We go for the best solution in the long run

The municipal of Vesthimmerland searched the global market for Identity Management and Access Governance solutions. The decision to go with Omada was based on Omada’s globally recognized solution and strong references in the financial industry.

The contract was signed with the supplier balancing price and quality in the most favorable offer. We recognize that the financial industry complies with extremely high security requirements and Omada is doing well in this field”, Lotte Pape Topholt tells. She is responsible for effective implementation of Omada’s standard solution for Identity Management and Access Governance. She continues: “The implementation process is a great opportunity to evaluate and modify working routines in order to support our business initiatives in the best possible way and we have used Omada as a sounding board for key persons in our organization in this process. The solution from Omada offers us the possibility to implement and scale the solution one step at a time in order to help our organization adapt to the changes in a positive way”.

A scalable and user-friendly solution

The municipal of Vesthimmerland has purchased Omada’s standard solution offering the possibility to configure the solution according to future needs, without custom development. The standard solution contains all functionality for managing identities and will be integrated with additional systems in the municipal. Moreover, software and support is in Danish.

We will benefit from most of the functionality in the standard solution in a step-by-step implementation which will give us the ability to scale the solution according to our needs in a successful process. Obviously, we focus on EU GDPR, and this solution will help us generate reports documenting compliance”, Lotte Pape Topholt tells. She is looking forward to introduce more effective and simple identity management. “Today, we experience a heavy workload managing our many users, registering new employees in multiple systems and Excel files, etc. With the Omada solution, we for example only have to register a new employee once and define master data concerning access rights, etc. which strengthens data security and minimizes our consumption of resources”.

We feel confident about Omada as supplier

Omada helps the municipal of Vesthimmerland with implementing the Identity Management and Access Governance solution in spring 2017. The implementation period of about three months is the starting point of long cooperation. Lotte Pape Topholt is both confident and expectant: ”We have selected Omada as supplier due to their globally recognized solution and their ability to meet our demands. The fact that Omada is a Danish technology partner is another advantage regarding Danish software, user interface and local support for the many divisions in the municipal. We are aware of the fact that Omada is a specialist in this field and therefore our expectations are high. Our dialogue during the negotiation process has been very positive and we are looking forward to move on.

Vesthimmerland Municipality Case Study

The Municipality of Vesthimmerland Chooses Omada to Ensure Compliant Identity Management and Access Governance


The Municipality of Vesthimmerland | Denmark

Industry: Local Government

Profile: The municipal of Vesthimmerland in the region of Northern Jutland gathered the municipal of Aalestrup, Farsø, Løgstør and Aars during the municipal merger in 2007. In the municipal of Vesthimmerland there is room for differences, spectacular nature sceneries with ancient monuments and the Limfjord close by. It’s a commercial town with a vibrant cultural and leisure life driven by a large number of passionate citizens. The population figure for the municipal is 37.296 (2016) and the number of occupied jobs was 3.253 by the end of 2015.

Solution: Omada Identity

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