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AMAG Group Chooses Omada Identity

Efficient Role Lifecycle Management with Integration to SAP-HR | AMAG

An integral part of AMAG’s corporate philosophy is the continuous improvement of processes. Throughout the organization processes are constantly assessed in the search for possible improvements in terms of quality, costs, and time.

As the IT department at AMAG was experiencing an increased workload and costs due to outsourcing and highly manual access provisioning processes, they saw the need for an automated user lifecycle management solution.

Adaptable and easily integrated solution

AMAG based its user access provisioning on identity data and standard roles derived from the HR department with SAP-HR as the leading system and AD and SAP as target systems. To fulfil its requirements for automated user lifecycle management the IT department sought a solution that would facilitate management of identity data from SAP HR, provide connectivity between Microsoft and SAP, and also automate the full role lifecycle management process.

A key driver for selecting Omada Identity was the high adaptability of the solution with easy integration across all systems and applications, and its strong connectivity to SAP systems and Microsoft AD. In particular the IT department requested a solution that would fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Short implementation schedule
  2. Integration to SAP HR and Microsoft
  3. Provide enterprise-wide automated and efficient user lifecycle management
  4. Self-service access request portal

Two months implementation time

The solution in place at AMAG manages 1,200 identities and was implemented in just two months’ time. The solution automates the processes related to AMAG’s user lifecycle management, provisioning, and role management.

Users are able to request additional roles or access rights via a self-service portal with an intuitive user interface that unifies the access request process and replaces inefficient manual processes.

“The benefits of the solution are very obvious. We selected Omada’s solution as we would achieve our objectives within a short time span. The solution was up and running in just two months, and has increased efficiency of the access provisioning processes and the user lifecycle management and also reduced cost as we have eliminated the time-consuming and resource intensive manual processes.”  – Dr. Werner Aumayr, CIO at AMAG.

A higher level of compliance

Omada Identity is built on the Microsoft platform, so it easily integrates into existing infrastructures, which reduces the need for custom development and decreases deployment time. Best-practice template workflows automates time-consuming tasks such as employees on-/off-boarding, user access request management, password reset, and other identity related processes.

Adding to the benefits of automated access provisioning processes and role lifecycle management is the built-in compliance reporting features. Omada’s solution enables AMAG to reduce the amount of manual resources it normally takes to generate reports for compliance purposes. On-demand graphical reporting accurately provides the necessary data for both historical and point-in-time transparent view of access rights for AMAG.

“As a stock-exchange listed company a further benefit was that our compliance processes were lifted to another level due to the compliance reporting features in Omada Identity ,” says Dr. Werner Aumayr. With its initial role lifecycle management project successfully implemented the IT department looks forward to extending the solution with Omada’s data warehouse for increased reporting and current state/desired state comparisons, which will provide a complete overview of access rights in the organization for on-demand audit purposes and compliance control.

Omada Identity

Omada Identity is a Microsoft based solution for identity and access management and identity governance and administration. The solution integrates seamlessly with various systems including Windows Server IIS, Active Directory (AD), Azure IaaS, Forefront Identity Manager, and SAP to deliver a complete solution for identity and access management:

  1. Advanced role based access control
  2. Compliance reporting and attestation
  3. Workflows with approval
  4. Self-service
  5. Segregation of duties
  6. Delegated administration

These features provide immediate and significant business benefits including:

  1. Fulfilled regulatory compliance requirements
  2. Increased enterprise productivity
  3. Reduced user management cost
  4. Heightened data security

AMAG Group Case Study

Efficient Role Lifecycle Management with Integration to SAP-HR


AMAG Group | Austria

Industry: Manufacturer

Profile: AMAG Austria Metall AG is an integrated producer of aluminum products for the processing industry. AMAG GROUP employs 1,500 personnel and is headquartered in Ranshofen, Austria, and operates two production sites: the production of primary aluminum through its 20% ownership in a Canadian-based production site, and the
production of cast and flat rolled aluminum products located in Austria.

Solution: Omada Identity with integration to Microsoft AD and SAP, incl. self-service access request portal.

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