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Why Protection from the Insider Threat Matters

April 28, 2019

In the age of cybercrime, most expect the largest danger to be external, but in reality, the insider threat retains its position as the one to watch. But while many organizations are well aware, and guarded against, external cybersecurity attacks, many lack protection from insider attacks.

Accenture and the Ponemon Institute’s newly published Global Cost of Cybersecurity report illustrates that global cybercrime shows no signs of slowing down – but rather grew a staggering 23% over the past year to an average of 11.7 million US dollars per business.

According to the new stats, malicious insiders caused the most havoc. The study defines insiders as employees, temporary employees, contractors and business partners and it is especially larger corporations that struggle with insider cybercrime. And according to the study, insider incidents are the most time-consuming to resolve, now take an average of 50 days to resolve.

Organizations are investing in cybercrime prevention in an unprecedented scale, but it seems not all companies are protecting themselves where they should be. While protection from the outside is vital, securing the organization from the inside out should likewise be a top priority.


Get in control

The report is one of many this year to highlight the growing insider threat. One way to protect your organization from the inside is through identity management and access governance. A former employee, for example, who may have bad intentions and still have his access inside the company can quickly do a lot of damage as can insufficient cloud security, as employees increasingly work in a digitalized world outside the four walls of the office.

Ensure you have an overview of your access and then govern this control, to constantly be in control of who has access to what, when, for how long – and why they have this access. Know your joiners and leavers, and those moving around in the organization. The combination of these, means you at all times have an overview of the access to the systems and applications your organization uses and keep loop holes closed off.

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