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Omdia Market Radar: Identity Governance and Administration

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Omada named a Leader in the Omdia Market Radar for Identity Governance and Administration

The Omdia Market Radar describes the evolution of IGA technology and introduces the key capabilities of a platform in this category. Omdia identifies two dimensions to the problems IGA seeks to address in the current environment: atomization of the workforce, and cloudification of applications and infrastructure.

The shift in organizational needs to bring new people into the workforce, provision them proper access, and keep up with changes in working practices as they move throughout the organization provides an acute need for a full-featured IGA solution. Further, as applications move to the cloud for ease of use, having solutions that can enable digital transformations is also critical.

They use these dimensions as a backdrop to evaluate 7 key capabilities in the IGA space including:

  • Identity lifecycle management: user provisioning, identity lifecycle management support, and access requests and approvals
  • Policy enrollment and management: policy management, role management, and role hierarchy
  • Entitlements management: traditional entitlements, and cloud entitlements
  • Compliance management (access certification): access request and certification, separation of duties (SoD), and data access governance (DAG)
  • Fulfillment and Connectors: Create, modify, and delete user accounts
  • Identity Analytics and Reporting: Customizable and advanced reporting, auditing features, and identity analytics with artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Beyond IGA: breadth of existing integrations with other security tools, and developing technology in contiguous areas.


Deploy and Scale with Confidence

While ranking Omada as a leader, Omdia notes, “Omada has a highly scalable IGA solution, with a best practices framework that leverages the 20 years’ experience in this space. Features such as deployment in 12 weeks and having a full feature SaaS offering make Omada a serious contender in the IGA area.”  

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