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Forrester: Apply Zero Trust Principles In Your Identity And Access Management Programs

Protect Data And Boost The User Experience With ZT IAM Architecture, People, And Process

Your Guide to Zero Trust IAM

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, traditional security perimeters are not enough. Organizations need a more robust approach to access management.

Zero Trust Identity and Access Management (ZT IAM) is a comprehensive security framework that requires each user and device to be verified before being granted access to resources. This “never trust, always verify” approach minimizes the risk of breaches and data leaks by ensuring that only authorized users have access to the data they need.

In the Forrester report Apply Zero Trust Principles In Your Identity And Access Management Programs, you will learn about the complexities of ZT IAM and how it offers a roadmap for success.

This report covers:

✅ The challenges of a “kaleidoscope” approach to ZT IAM inclusive of the architecture, the people, and the process.

✅ How to implement least privilege access and overcome common hurdles.

✅ Best practices for automated Identity Governance and Administration (IMG) to manage user lifecycles and access reviews.

✅ Secure authentication methods for the modern workforce.

✅ Assigning data its own identity for comprehensive protection.

✅ Eliminating hardcoded credentials with Privileged Identity Management (PIM).

✅ Encrypting all data with identity context for an extra layer of security.


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