Compliance Management

Accelerate your IAM projects with a proven process framework

Ensure access governance with compliance overview, auditing and risk management 

 Automation of identities, roles, and access management enables greater control and governance of access rights. This is now essential for every organization in meeting internal and external regulatory requirements. 


 Key functionalities

  • Compliance overview
  • Audit reporting
  • Risk management
  • Cross-system access certification

The first step in ensuring proper governance and compliance is securing an overview of current access rights. Modern identity governance solutions provide several interactive overviews of current discrepancies and compliance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can help administrators to quickly identify issues and take action. 

The extensive automation of policy-based processes and rules provides detailed audit trails and logs that can be used to investigate issues and generate comprehensive auditing and compliance reports.  

Omada’s powerful risk management concept can be used to determine the severity of audit events and notifications. Risk scores are calculated based on data classification for systems, resources, resource assignments, accounts, and identities. Surveys can be created that request system owners to assign different risk classifications to data in their systems. 


Compliance management in the Omada identity governance solution

Core Compliance, Auditing and Risk Management Processes 

Perform Attestation

Design and manage certification survey campaigns to resolve potential discrepancies and audit notifications. Managers and system owners are asked to review access rights currently assigned.  


Perform Reconciliation

If campaign survey results show a discrepancy between the current state of assigned access rights in target systems and the desired state where access rights need to be changed, a reconciliation needs to be performed that updates the access rights in each system.   


Generate Audit Report

Meet compliance requirements at the push of a button reducing the cost of audits significantly. Detect security, operational, application availability and compliance issues, including insider abuse and policy violations. The interactive audit report enables you to click into details for additional investigation.  


 Key Benefits

  • Identify critical access rights granted to employees and contractors without the appropriate clearance level 
  • Discover active accounts for employees and contractors that have left the company 
  • Cross-system identification of business-critical data such as privacy data 
  • Identify accounts without owners and assign or remove them immediately 
  • Enables regular reevaluation of access rights to business-critical applications for both employees and contractors 

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