Configurable Connectivity

For Modern Identity Governance

Connectivity for every application without developers

Modern IGA connectivity needs to be fast, reliable, and continuously adaptable to take full advantage of the new opportunities that the thousands of new SaaS solutions introduced annually provide. This is a key component of any IGA implementation and program.

By moving to a configurable connectivity model, deployment and support for new applications is more agile and flexible without the need for coding.


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Omada Configurable Connectivity Includes

  1. Template-driven connectivity for ease of implementation
  2. Flexible data model
  3. Adaptable and extensible data fields and attributes
  4. Choice of multiple authentication methods

A configurable connectivity framework approach provides an efficient, reliable, and fast alternative that is better suited to the dynamic, hybrid IT environment where connectivity is a continuous challenge. This approach is also included as part of the Omada Accelerator Package that helps deploy Omada Identity Cloud within 12 weeks.

Leading IT systems and applications will increasingly be cloud-based. They will be accompanied by a growing number of additional SaaS applications, all of which need to be integrated into an IGA solution. This requires a modern IGA connectivity approach to support fast and reliable integrations using a straightforward, wizard-based approach for onboarding new systems using templates.


Future Proof Connector Templates

Instead of static, code-developed connectors that require programming expertise to develop and maintain, the template-driven approach of our configurable connectivity framework enables administrators to establish connectivity more efficiently.

Pre-built connector templates support the most common, market-leading IT systems and applications with pre-defined data models and field mappings that can be configured, adapted, and extended to match the target system implementation.


Support for Hundreds of Connectors

Omada offers connectivity to many of the most used business-critical applications and systems.

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Learn From, and Engage with Peers in the Connectivity Community

With a whopping 65 new business-critical applications added to the average organization over the past 2 years, having a partner in IGA to help support this scale is critical.

Within the Omada Connectivity Community, Omada customers can submit and leverage connectivity packages for cloud and on-premises applications built on Omada’s rich protocol-based integration framework. As part of the Connectivity Community, you will have a chance to:

  1. Submit Connectivity packages that your organization has started or implemented
  2. Download Connectivity packages that have been submitted by peers from within existing Omada deployments
  3. View descriptions and details of supported versions, data types, and operations for each package

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