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Launching the Omada Forest: Giving Life for Every Go-live

December 16, 2022

Omada will plant trees for every go live to offset 65,000 tons of CO2 by 2025

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Dec. 16, 2022 — Omada, a global leader of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), announced today that they have launched the Omada Forest initiative as part of their commitment to sustainability. Omada’s goal is to plant 130,000 trees and offset 65,000 tons of CO2 by 2025.

Trees are key pillars of the world for both humans and the environment. They benefit us by purifying water, air and creating better social conditions. They benefit the environment by providing homes for various forms of life, cooling our climate and improving our soil.

Omada is collaborating with Tree Nation, a vendor that manages reforestation projects all over the world by restoring forests and supporting local communities. Omada will plant trees to celebrate customer success milestones such as new wins, successful migrations, and go-lives. 

Here is a summary of the trees Omada has planted and the impact made so far: 

  • 1971 total number of trees in the Omada Forest. 
  • 1600 trees planted for customer go-lives
  • 376 trees planted by Omadians to showcase dedication to the cause
  • 1371.1t of CO2 will be offset

Michael Garrett, CEO, Omada, said: “At Omada, we care about the environment and strive to be more sustainable. From now on we will celebrate every new logo win and every go live of our customers by planting trees in the Omada Forest in their name. By doing so, we aim to offset our CO2 emissions, contribute to the regrowing of wildlife habitats, support local communities in developing countries and fight climate change”. 

If you feel like making a difference or you want to follow our journey, go to Omada Forest.

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