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There is Safety in Numbers

January 26, 2018

We are a big believer in user groups, where we give our customers a platform to network, share best-practices, and get the most out of their solution. As the saying goes: there is safety in numbers.

Customers within the same field often experience similar issues. This is why we now also offer a user group for our municipality customers, giving them a look behind the scenes at Omada HQ, access to our R&D department, and a run-through of the solution, to name a few. Backed by our top management, the user group is yet another way we try to help our customers do more with their identity solution.

Simply complex

Identity and access management can be a complex area, and for it to be a success, the solution should be developed with non-IT users in mind. It has to be simple in terms of IT, but able to handle complex systems.

With our user group, and our user groups in general, we hope our customers will help us, help them. For our customers, it is a short-cut to getting their wishes heard. As a customer centric company, it is how we want to work – developing what users actually need. It’s all part of how we work to do more with identity.

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