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Government Agency Selects Omada for Governance of Access to Public Database

Omada and our partner Integralis were selected to deliver an identity governance solution at a public South African-based organization.

August 2, 2019

The South African-based Government Agency manages a large database of personal information. As such, security is a key factor in the organization and due to rising regulatory demands, the institution decided to implement an automated identity management and access governance solution covering its almost 3,000 employees and an extensive database of public citizens.

South Africa’s data protection law, the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), was enacted in 2013 and is similar to Europe’s GDPR. For an organization dealing with citizens privacy data, the ability to continuously monitor and document that access policies are being enforced across systems is vital.

Omada and our local partner Integralis were selected to deliver an IGA solution for the South African-based public organization, which previously did not have an automated IAM solution. Key selection criteria included audit reporting capabilities, integration to SAP, public sector experience, and core IGA processes supporting security, efficiency, and compliance needs.

Having worked with many public sector organizations globally and with extensive SAP knowledge as well as significant experience of implementing IGA solutions in highly regulated industries Omada was chosen as the preferred vendor.

The Chief Information Officer states: “Our decision to implement the Omada platform was based on their proven track record for enforcing compliance in government sectors as well as their deployment approach and framework which allows us to gain benefits quickly and grow the solution into a state-of-the-art identity and access governance service”.

Integralis Director and Solutions Architect, Almero Steyn: “One of the most critical business requirements identified during the initial phases of the requirements gathering workshops was the ability to delegate roles and authority. The government institution is highly governed and audited in depth to prevent fraud, and the ability to delegate authority would ensure a complete end-to-end audit trail is maintained. We were very pleased to inform them that this functionality is a standard offering within the Omada platform”.

An all-in-one identity management and access governance solution

With a fully featured process framework for identity management and access governance, Omada Identity Suite improves IT security, ensures compliance control, and enables business efficiency. Specifically, for regulated industries this means the ability to:

  • Create and evaluate business policies, rules, and governance controls
  • Provide documentation to auditors and stakeholders that the proper security controls and policies are being enforced
  • Effectively manage access to business-critical IP and sensitive data
  • Regularly verify that all user accounts are assigned to a current user to prevent unauthorized access
  • Enforce compliant access by ensuring employees do not have access to systems or data which they should not have

About Integralis

Founded in 2008, Integralis IT Consultancy is a South African consulting and managed service provider with a niche focus in the realm of cloud enablement and identity, access, and governance management. With a vast amount of experience and skills in Microsoft consulting and identity management, Integralis has built a portfolio of services and technology offerings to empower and secure business operations both on-premise and in the cloud.

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