ITWeb Security Summit 2024

June 4th-5th, 2024 | Sandton Convention Centre, South Africa

Join Omada and Integralis at ITWeb Security Summit 2024

Omada is proud to be a Gold Co-Sponsor together with our partner Integralis at the ITWeb’s 19th annual Security Summit taking place June 4th-6th in Johannesburg.

The ITWeb Security Summit is a high-profile industry gathering for IT security and business decision-makers. The 19th edition will unpack the latest developments in cyber security threats and how to counteract them.


Meet Omada and Integralis at booth #34

Meet with our experts and see how Omada’s full-featured, enterprise-grade IGA SaaS solution can help your organization reduce identity risk and improve security, increase operational efficiency, and ease compliance.

Get an introduction to our IGA maturity assessment, a walkthrough of our Accelerator Package – a proven framework for deploying IGA within 12 weeks, and a digital copy of our comprehensive, best practice framework, IdentityPROCESS+, which is a standards-driven approach to IGA that describes the most important processes needed to ensure a successful IGA program.



Unveiling the Dark Truth: Access for Sale, only $300!!

Governing access in your business with proper identity controls has never been more important!

In the African context, $300 holds significant allure, capable of swaying even the most loyal employee on the service desk or call centre. This seemingly modest sum becomes a tempting bait for individuals to compromise their credentials, opening the floodgates to unauthorized access and compromising your organization’s security.

In this session, we emphasize the critical role of identity governance in safeguarding against such breaches. Discover how implementing robust identity controls bolsters your defence against external threats, maintaining strict access regulation within your ecosystem. After all, in the face of determined hackers, credentials devoid of access are mere tokens of futility.!

Don’t miss this opportunity to fortify your defences and protect your business’s digital assets. Join our session as we uncover the importance of governing access and the dire consequences of overlooking identity controls in today’s cyber landscape.


Agenda and Registration

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About Integralis

Integralis, a specialist Identity Governance consulting firm in South Africa, helps customers gain efficiency and control over their identities through identity focused solutions based on >10 years of experience, industry standards and best practices.

Our range of consulting services and professional services ensure each customer achieves their intended business outcomes by realizing rapid yet responsible time-to-value of their IGA initiative.

Our unique identity compliance-level-agreement oriented approach to managed services enables customers to focus on their core business with the assurance that the correct identity governance policies and practices are maintained.

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