ISMG Roundtable with Rod Simmons, VP of Product Strategy

Dec 14th, 2023 | New York

ISMG’s Executive Roundtables focus on specific challenges being faced by information security executives in today’s cybersecurity landscape. Guided by insights from Rod Simmons, VP of Product Strategy, Omada, this invitation-only roundtable will also draw upon the experiences of the attendees. Participants will discuss how effective IGA can contribute to a more agile and resilient organisation.


Best Practices for Identity Governance: Right People, Right Access, Right Time

Identity remains the cornerstone of any effective cybersecurity program, ensuring that only the right people get access to the right information, at the right time. To that end, many organizations are adopting an identity fabric to better manage the risk and cost of connecting both cloud and on-premise systems with users and devices.

Getting the most from this modern identity management infrastructure requires good governance and administration, as well as careful use of automation and rules. Building a solid foundation helps organizations manage current identity lifecycle requirements — from onboarding to offboarding, and everything in between — while giving them the ability to easily scale up and keep supporting their organization’s evolving digital transformation and Zero Trust requirements.


  • What are best practices for CISOs to maximize their identity fabric and Zero Trust returns by applying identity governance and administration (IGA)?
  • How do strong IGA programs help organizations better meet regulatory and compliance requirements?
  • What are best practices for handling identity governance during mergers and acquisitions or other times of rapid change?



Learn more about the event here, where you can also request to attend.

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