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“Offers a clean and user-friendly interface and significantly improves our ability to deploy additional features”

Identity Access Management Operations Specialist | MAHLE | 10,001+ Employees

The most valuable feature of Omada is its API connectivity, which allows seamless integration with various services like SAP, GRC, and Microsoft licenses.

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“Cloud-based, highly configurable, and very user-friendly”

Principal Cybersecurity Consultant | NNIT | 2,000 users

It has a very user-friendly interface compared to what we are used to, and it is highly configurable.”

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“Great team and constantly evolving product”

IT Project Manager | Energy/Utilities Company | 10,001+ Employees

The combination of features and the amazing support team are definitely valuable to use. The customer success and support teams have been crucial.”

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“Most of the processes are automatic, so it saves a lot of time”

Client platform engineer | Energy/Utilities Company | 700 users

Omada’s best feature is creating accounts, automatically assigning permissions, and distributing resources based on assignment policies.”

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The solution has sped up employee onboarding while reducing manual work”

Identity and Access Architect | Renewables & Environment Company | 12,000 employees

“Omada’s onboarding features reflect our processes for onboarding new employees well. That is the primary reason we use this solution.” 

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“It has a powerful reporting engine, and the product team is responsive to feature requests”

Identity and Access Product Owner | Flughafen Zürich AG | 5,001-10,000 Employees

“The most relevant feature is Omada’s reporting engine. Omada “never forgets” and archives every process. All steps an admin, an user or an manager has executed, is recorded in Omada.” 

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“Helped improve entire security culture, around identities, in our company”

Chief Information Security Officer | Manufacturing Company | 5,001 – 10,000 employees

“We don’t have to go in and do a lot of the work that we did before. It may have saved us somewhere in the range of 10 to 30 percent of the time we spent on provisioning access.”

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“Automatically shuts down AD accounts of people who are no longer employees, improving our audit situation”

IT Project Manager | Frederikshavn Kommune | 5,700 employees

“The most valuable functionality of the solution for us is that when employees stop working for the municipality, they are automatically disabled in Active Directory. Omada controls that 100 percent.”

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“Helped us clean up a lot of our accounts, including suppliers and partners”

Functional Administrator | Gemeente Utrecht | 6,500 users

“When we switched to Omada Identity, it was easy for everyone. The solution was so smooth (…) I am a happy customer. We have our identity and access management under control with Omada Identity.”

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Allows resource assignments with a validity period and saves a lot of time”

Senior Developer | Tech Services Company | 1,001-5,000 Employees

The support for the validity of the resources is valuable. The tool allows resource assignments within a validity period so that the managers do not have to remember to revoke the access once the work is done.

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Fast support, value for money, and a positive effect on our daily activities

Product owner Identity & Access management | Avans Hogeschool | Product: Omada Identity Cloud

What I like most is that we can always find a solution, and we can also find the cause when something goes wrong (…) I like its reliability.

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Improved our compliance readiness and has affected security positively”

Systems Adminstrator | Avans Hogeschool | Product: Omada Identity Cloud

The support response time and the freedom from strange bugs and strange things happening in the software are valuable.

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“Helps with operational efficiency, and the design process and customization are good”

IT Expert Identity and Access Management | Retailer | 10,001+ Employees

Its best feature is definitely the process design. It is quite easy and straightforward to design a process.

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“Provides great analytics, can automatically disable accounts, and improves our security posture”

IT System Admin | Avans Hogeschool | Product: Omada Identity Cloud

The most valuable aspects of Omada Identity for me are the automation capabilities.

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“Offers a wide range of supported connectors, reduces manual overhead, and reduces the cost of our IGA program”

IAM Product Owner | Transportation Company | 5,001-10,000 employees

The most valuable feature for us is the ability to set up connectors to various IT systems and offer a wide range of supported connectors. These predefined connectors include ones for SAP or Azure Active Directory.”

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