Building a Business Case for Identity Governance

On-demand Webinar feat. Forrester

Identity is now at the forefront of many organizations’ approaches to cybersecurity. However, attempts at solving all the problems that arise from digital identities often lead to purchasing everything in sight, and the average organization now manages 76 security tools. So many tools also make it challenging for security leaders to ensure they get the most out of each one, and even harder to map their value back to the business. Governance is needed to help structure who has access to what, for how long, and for what reasons.

However, making sure that governance and security do not get in the way of productivity is just as important.  This places identity governance and administration (IGA) at the heart of business strategies, yet many organizations struggle to understand the importance of IGA and/or connecting it to business goals.


In this webinar

Andrew Silberman, Product Marketing Director at Omada, and guest speaker Geoff Cairns, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, will demonstrate:

  • Why managing identities’ access is paramount to organizational success
  • The importance of end user experience within IAM programs
  • How organizations can define the business cases for IGA and get organizational buy-in
  • How IGA helps improve ROI by reducing cost of help desk tickets, providing necessary access on day 1, and more

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