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Does Your IAM Solution Meet Evolving Needs?

​March 2018: Identity and access management is one of the fastest evolving aspects of IT security and as an organization you therefore need to ask yourself if your current solution meets the current needs of your organization. Is it time to upgrade to an identity and access governance solution?

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Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

February 2018: Cyber security in general is topping the charts for what companies both fear the most and increase focus on. A growing number of organizations are starting to realize that cyber crime prevention is a topic for the boardroom, not just the IT room, and should be included in the overall company strategy.

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Cyber Security a Boardroom Matter for Financial Institutions Globally

​February 2018: The high cyber security threat is recognized by companies globally, and according to new data, the financial sector is especially anxious about the rising threat level and increasingly making cyber security a boardroom matter.

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Loss of Reputation is Among Highest Concerns

February 2018: The repercussions of a cyber attack are many, but according to a new survey, management executives are increasingly worried about the affect an attack has on the organization’s reputation.

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Protect Your Identities and Keep Data Breaches at Bay

​February 2018: As another data breach makes headlines, potentially exposing the identity data of thousands of people, there is once more need for increased focus on securing the access rights in the organization. Setting your identities’ permissions correctly is paramount to keeping data breaches at bay.

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SINC Accelerates Efficiency and Optimizes Processes with Omada

February 2018: SINC, the German system integration specialist, has chosen the Omada identity and access governance solution to drive internal efficiency.

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There is Safety in Numbers

January 2018: We are a big believer in user groups, where we give our customers a platform to network, share best-practices, and get the most out of their solution. As the saying goes: there is safety in numbers.

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Varde Chooses Omada for Process Optimization

January 2018: Omada, the market-leading provider of solutions for advanced identity management and access management, has been selected to implement an identity and access management solution for the Danish municipality of Varde.

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Norway’s Number one Broadband Provider Chooses Omada for Identity and Access Governance

​January 2018: Omada, the market-leading provider of solutions for advanced identity management and access governance, has been chosen to implement an identity and access governance solution for Norwegian telco Telenor, providing Telenor Norway with a full solution for 15,000 identities. 

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