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ECCO Shoes Implements Omada Identity

ECCO Manages Identities and Licenses Worldwide with Omada

With a global reach of around 19,500 employees worldwide, keeping track of employees, who onboard, transfer, or offboard the company, is crucial for ECCO, in order to have the full overview of computers and software licenses.

ECCO Shoes is a global brand selling shoes in more than 91 countries and the company has more than 800 retail stores. ECCO produces and sells more than 17 million pairs of shoes, employing over 16,000 people throughout the world.

It is important for ECCO to ensure that new employees joining the company will be provided with the necessary hard- and software. Equally important is ensuring the withdrawal of all software licenses from computers when an employee leaves the company. Manual handling of such tasks normally takes weeks in order to get information on the distribution progress of certain software and it might be quite problematic to trace every software license that is connected to each computer.

Omada Identity

To streamline tracking processes and automate the management of computers and licenses, ECCO brought in Omada to implement the Omada Identity solution. By integrating the web-based solution into ECCO’s Active Directory (AD) and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), a process is prompted in Omada Identity every time users join, transfer or leave the company.

Unlike other similar solutions that only provide statistics about the status of software licenses in the company, Omada Identity takes the technology further by creating, deleting and moving the unique link between identities, computer object and a specific software license. This enables AD together with SCCM to install, reinstall, and withdraw software, while providing the IT department with statistics of usage generated with live data from AD.

Omada Identity is naturally connected to the administration of employees transferring across departments. When an employee transfers to a new department, the billing of the software licenses will also be transferred to the new department, upon completion of the process in OIS. This will prevent situations where both the former and the new department are billed for the same software license.

By making all these actions possible, the Omada Identity provides a simple and easy-to-use solution for ECCO that not only helps the company avoid a lot of unnecessary costs, but also ensures that all employees are equipped with the relevant applications, thus enabling them to work productively.

Versatile benefits

The Omada Identity stands out as an obvious solution for software license management with its ability to provide not just passive statistics like other solutions, but also actively withdrawing and installing new software on relevant computers.

After experiencing the results and the versatility of Omada Identity, ECCO has expanded the solution to facilitate other business processes in the company, such as ordering IT equipment and PC maintenance.

ECCO | Denmark

Industry: Manufacturing and retail

Profile: Based in Bredebro, Denmark ECCO Shoes is a global shoe enterprise with 19,500 employees and sales of over 20 million pairs of shoes per year.ECCO manufactures and sells shoes and accessories from 1,100 ECCO stores and at 14,000 other selling points in more than 90 countries.

Solution: Implementation of Omada Identity to automate licensing management and access processes.

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