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Forrester Best Practices: Identity Management and Governance

Forrester Research, Inc., November 3, 2020

10 Best Practices for Identity Governance

The Forrester Report outlines 10 core functional areas of identity management and governance (IMG) and provides the best practices for building and operationalizing an effective IMG program across each functional area.

Key Findings of the report:

  • Rightsize user roles to overcome overprovisioned group access
  • ​Stick to the principle of least privilege, and put guardrails around policy exceptions
  • Apply analytics, context, and reporting metrics to avoid compliance violations

S&R teams invest in identity management and governance (IMG) tools and processes to improve security posture, drive operational efficiency, and demonstrate compliance with a growing list of regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and CCPA. Achieving these goals is a long and difficult path owing to the complexity of business rules that crisscross the organization, the vast number of roles that accumulate across business units and geographies, and the velocity of change in today’s business. These factors conspire against the S&R pro trying to bring order to chaos with IMG. The road is littered with failed IMG deployments or those that took years to deploy but nonetheless supported only a few applications or a subset of the user population. Organizations that rely on manual processes, or have an ineffective IMG deployment, face several operational and security challenges.

The report gives you 10 best practices to avoid the many pitfalls that complicate an organization’s efforts to have a successful IMG deployment

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