Future Proof Connector Templates

A 360degree modern configurable connectivity approach for the hybrid platform

Future Proof Connector Templates

Instead of static, code developed connectors that require programming expertise to develop and maintain, the template-driven approach of the configurable connectivity framework enables administrators to establish connectivity more efficiently. Pre-defined connector templates are available supporting the most common, market-leading IT systems and applications with out-of-the-box, pre-defined data models and field mappings that can be configured, adapted and extended to match the target system implementation. 

The Omada Connectivity Framework is designed to support the modern challenges of IGA connectivity and the shortcomings of traditional code-developed connectors: 

  • Template-driven approach with step-by-step configuration guides  
  • Supported by IdentityProject+ best practice guidance for connectivity and systems onboarding   
  • Provides a fast, reliable, and efficient onboarding of new applications without the need for code development 
  • Can be adapted and extended to match the target system, IT environment and business needs 
  • Enables continuous onboarding, monitoring and maintenance of connectivity through a single management portal  
  • Enables you to not only meet your needs today, but continuously enhance and extend connectivity to meet future unforeseen needs    

Many of the capabilities and features that needs to be developed for a connector are similar from one connector to the next. Instead of developing these capabilities for every new connector, it is possible to develop them once as part of a connectivity framework that can be re-used. By ensuring that the protocol, data model, field mapping and authentication mechanism are configurable, it is possible to create connectors leveraging reusable components that can be adapted and extended to match the target system implementation without the need for code development. 

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