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A 360-degree configurable connectivity approach for the hybrid platform

Learn From, and Engage with Peers in the Connectivity Community

Connectivity to applications is a core tenant of a modern IGA program. With a whopping 65 new business critical applications added to the average organization over the past 2 years, having a partner in IGA to help support this scale is critical.

Within the Omada Connectivity Community, Omada customers can submit and leverage connectivity packages for cloud and on-premises applications built on Omada’s rich protocol-based integration framework. As part of the Connectivity Community, you will have a chance to:

  • Submit Connectivity packages that your organization has started or implemented
  • Download Connectivity packages that have been submitted by peers from within existing Omada deployments
  • View descriptions and details of supported versions, data types, and operations for each package

All packages leverage Omada’s standard protocol support for SOAP, REST, OData, SCIM, LDAP or other to allow for configuration to adapt to specific functionality required, but without the need for custom code development.

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