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Protect Your Identities and Keep Data Breaches at Bay

February 1, 2018

As another data breach makes headlines, potentially exposing the identity data of thousands of people, there is once more need for increased focus on securing the access rights in the organization. Setting your identities’ permissions correctly is paramount to keeping data breaches at bay.

“This is yet another example of why it is so important to set permissions correctly”, says Martin Kuhlmann, Lead Solution Consultant, Omada, speaking of a data breach to make global headlines.

“Wrong access rights remains an issue for many organizations and causes precisely these loop holes, where it is possible to set access on files and also grant ‘public access’. Especially when introducing new platforms, such as Amazon S3 buckets or Microsoft O365 in an organization, it is key to get acquainted with their security features and to implement appropriate governance procedures, adds Martin Kuhlmann.”

Manage your access rights

Manage your organization’s access rights correctly and keep your data safe and protected. While the data may never have been exposed, the risk is there, and the unprotected data could cause a number of issues for the organization, including loss of reputation, fines in connection with the GDPR, and leaving the back door open to cyber attackers.

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